Ethics Case Study #2: Senior Gift

The last post I wrote about parts of my ethics that my friends label as 'Christian,' several commenters wrote in to take issue with the idea that Christians had a monopoly on that strand of moral thought.  I thought I'd run another example by you all, since my resolution to a  recent dilemma had my atheist friends snickering and saying, "You are such a Catholic!"So here's the situation: My university is in the middle of the drive for the Senior Class Gift and plenty of students disagree a … [Read more...]

Biblical Sacrifice Question – updated

Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, My offering, [and] my bread for my sacrifices made by fire, [for] a sweet savour unto me, shall ye observe to offer unto me in their due season.And thou shalt say unto them, This [is] the offering made by fire which ye shall offer unto the LORD; two lambs of the first year without spot day by day, [for] a continual burnt offering.The one lamb shalt thou offer in the morning, and the other lamb shalt thou offer at even; And a tenth [part] … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/18/11)

--1-- Earlier this week, I used an essay I had written about shame to talk about some of the ways that Christian metaphysics seem to match my ethics (part of a series of posts inspired by Chesterton).  I'm going to respond to a few of the questions on the most recent post, but it seems like interest/confusion is petering out.  If you have a question on those topics I haven't answered, pleas comment this weekend, so I get the chance to respond. --2-- Ok, so this is just totally bizarre.  There … [Read more...]

Case Study in my Ethics/Metaphysics

Yesterday, I posted an adaptation of a speech I gave at Yale and promised to use it as a lens on why some Christian metaphysics is a good match for my ethics.  Here goes.  Questions welcome.The first, and most obvious problem in the essay and in my views is that I have a pretty bad grounding for my virtue ethics.  It's hard to explain why exactly it is important that people not desire to harm others rather than we just prevent them from harming others through law or other barriers or c … [Read more...]

Prep for a Case Study in Christian Thought

When people read my "Testing the Truth-Telling Thing" post in my Chesterton series, the first question everyone asked was: Which ethical beliefs do you have that fit better into a Christian context?  As luck would have it I recently gave a speech for my debating group that drew heavily on Christian ideas (even though I scrubbed them from the speech).  The speech is up at the Huffington Post, and if you go check it out, I'll be back this afternoon to explain how most of the ideas I expressed make … [Read more...]

7 Quick Sondheims

It's not Friday, but I wanted to share a round-up of my love songs for Valentine's Day.  The trouble is that all my favorites are by Stephen Sondheim, so they tend to be too snarky, self-aware, or sad to actually sing to someone in a romantic context, so I'm sharing them with you instead. --1-- To give you an idea of the problem, let's start with a song from Passion, the only musical Stephen Sondheim says he wrote entirely without irony.Here's the moment when Giorgio returns Fosca's l … [Read more...]

Sorry, did someone say ‘Transhumanism?’

You may think no one's mentioned transhumanism on the blog lately, but then you haven't been keeping a close eye on the comments thread for "Time for a Few Facts," my attempt to clarify some of the factual disputes driving the fight about appropriate uses of sacrilege.  You're also probably not looking for any excuse to bring up transhumanism (unlike me!), so dbp's analogy about the Eucharist and replacement knee joints may have passed you by.I don't want to address the analogy; I want to ta … [Read more...]