Go West, Young Woman!


Posts have been a little scarce on the ground here, because I'm in the middle of prepping to change jobs and change coasts.  Scrapping with everyone about religion, philosophy, and musical theatre is fun, but it's not how I earn my living.I have sometimes said that, in my dream job, I would have a badge that said "Methodology Cop" and I would be allowed to kick in doors and help people overhaul their research projects and interventions.  "Ma'am, I need you to step away from that convenience s … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/8/13)

Richard III scoliosis

--- 1 --- Sorry posting has been so scant here!  I have something delightful happening in my non-blogging life, which I can discuss on Monday.  There will probably be a bit of a slow period during the logistical madness, but that's when I plan to start posting the delightful guest posts for the Math and Theology bookclub that some of you have been contributing.To make it up to you, this is awesome:  --- 2 --- Now, from here to the end, it's all Richard III links, but don't w … [Read more...]

Overheard at Dungeons and Dragons at my House

dungeons and discourses 1

Sorry to be tardy posting this weekend.  I've had a lot on my plate (including a delightful Twelfth Night party, in which this chocolate bourbon cake was my answer to Sir Toby Belch's question "Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?").You may remember that I have a group of friends who sometimes have me NPC (play an antagonist or ally) in their Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.  They last appeared on the blog, when they used an exuberantly strawmanned … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/1/13)

--- 1 --- It has been a busy week for me, so lets all kick back and enjoy some slow motion video of burning gasoline being thrown through the air.--- 2 --- Meanwhile, around the internet, some of my college chums had some great essays this month.  Helen Rittelmeyer has a great piece on the Leopold half of Leopold and Loeb: We know that Leopold was seduced by Nietzsche and then saved from death by Clarence Darrow’s closing statement, and it’s possible that he found faith, in his own way, … [Read more...]

What should we be hurt by?


Poking around the internet, I ran across two interesting articles that seemed to be linked only by offhand comments about the legitimacy or 'realness' of certain kinds of suffering.  First, from a Mother Jones piece on PTSD: Whatever is happening to Caleb, it's as old as war itself. The ancient historian Herodotus told of Greeks being honorably dismissed for being "out of heart" and "unwilling to encounter danger." Civil War doctors, who couldn't think of any other thing that might be un … [Read more...]

Watch me discuss the Ideological Turing Test at Chicago Ideas Week!

Chicago Ideas headshot

In October, I was one of the religion panelists at the Chicago Ideas Week conference. My co-panelists included Eboo Patel (interfaith activist), Lauren Drain (fled the Westboro Baptist Church), Theodore Ross (his family hid their Judaism) and Julia Sweeney (atheist and comic).Since we were a diverse group of people, my talk was on having better arguments about religious disagreements, instead of just agreeing to disagree.  My talk was based on some of the principles of curious, charitable … [Read more...]

Darren the Humanist Explains it All to You

dancing humanist

This is a guest post, prompted my plea to hear more about how Humanists ground their philophies and people's interest in Darren's thought in the comments.  Thanks Darren for talking about what you defend!There was discussion on Leah’s blog of last week that the tenets of Humanism (or Secular Humanism, as I prefer) appear to lack a certain satisfying specificity. Having read through a few of the official manifestos, I am sympathetic to this view. It is all well and good to espouse Eq … [Read more...]