Tell all the Truth, but tell it slant

I received a comped reviewer's copy of Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.I enjoyed reading Gregory Wolfe's Beauty Will Save the World, but I'm not sure that it's a book best read straight through, as I did.  The second best way to read it probably reading the first section, in which Wolfe lays out his thesis, and then dipping in and out of his profiles of writers and artists over a few months, with frequent br … [Read more...]

“Even though we ain’t got hats or badges, we’re a union just by saying so!

 My favorite union movie, hands down, is Newsies, which also ranks pretty high on my list of favorite Disney musicals.  The show is about the real life newsboys strike at the turn of the century.  Among it's many virtues: excellent choreo (the dancing is all energy and not fussy), a Teddy Roosevelt cameo, Christian Bale not gargling gravel, a great message, and an almost invisible romance because this is a movie about friendship and solidarity.  (The Broadway staging amped up the roma … [Read more...]

Getting Tested on a Quasi-Catechism

 I'm skipping around in JT's questions, so, today, let's take a look at #2: What parts of Catholicism do you now accept? Which do you reject?Specifically...Did Jesus rise from the dead? Do you believe in heaven and hell? If so... What are the criteria for entry into heaven? Into hell? Were you to find out today that disobeying the ten commandments meant entry to heaven and abiding by them landed you in hell, would your behavior change? If so, how?Any others you feel … [Read more...]

Your daily dose of anti-gnosticism!


  Look how delicate and lovely my metatarsals and phlanges are!If you're anywhere near a Bodies exhibit, I really recommend a trip.  First of all, it's not gross at all (and this is coming from someone who covers her eyes when watching House).  I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of human anatomy each time I went, and I felt a surge of that awe again when I got to peer inside my foot on Friday.Of course, we're not in wacky old antiquity, where they took routine fluoroscopes at the sho … [Read more...]

Welcome JT Eberhard to Patheos!

JT Eberhard, formerly of FreeThought Blogs and the Secular Student Alliance is moving to Patheos today!And given that he's already lit into Timothy Dalrymple before he moved, I imagine it will be a high-spirited housewarming party.  So, before the punch bowl gets overturned, I would like to propose a toast (not that kind!).JT did great work for the Secular Student Alliance.  (And, honestly, for Christians as well).  The kind of tradition that needs to graft itself onto the public schools … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (8/31/12)

--- 1 --- The Paralympics are happening, and interesting links abound!  First up, this promotional video for the Games:The BBC has a good rundown of the differences between the Olympics and the Paralympics, including some explanations of how some sports are modified.  For example: One of the most important aids to the blind swimmer is the tapper. Standing at each end of the pool is a person holding a long pole with a soft circular ball on the end. As the swimmer approaches they are tap … [Read more...]

Sondheim Symposium [Sequence Index]

In the summer of 2012, I threw the best birthday party ever when I bribed all my friends with pizza and cake in order to get them to watch a Sondheim double feature.  First, we watched Company, Sondheim's concept musical about marriage, and then we saw Passion, which has a linear narrative but still manages to be a lot more disorienting.  And then we had an argument.Since Company was, at the time of writing, available on Netflix instant play, I invited blog readers to watch along and cont … [Read more...]