Anyone have an ideological immersion course?

Yesterday, Chris Hallquist put up a post in the Atheism channel titled "Everyone in America should fail to learn a foreign language" which I quite enjoyed, especially this section: So they can have the experience of failing to learn a foreign language. You can learn a lot from failing to learn a foreign language. You learn about how languages work. About the features of English you never thought about before even though they’re around you constantly. About the ways in which English did … [Read more...]

Oh, the places you might not want to go!

Tomorrow, I get to watch my brother graduate, and I'm quite excited for him, and, well, for the commencement speaker: Joss Whedon.  Since my brother is not a public figure, and Whedon is, I'll limit the content of this post to only one of these awesome people.There were two quite interesting pieces on the arts in The New York Times this weekend.  A feature on Whedon mentioned his delightful habit of having Shakespeare parties while shooting Buffy and Angel, and the impact this had on … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/24/13)

--- 1 --- I have excellent friends who know me very well.  How do I know?  This week, one of them sent me this video with the subject line: "For your prosthetic limbs beat."--- 2 --- Presumably he sent it because I'm the kind of person who kept a NYT article on reawakening nerves to give better control over prostheses in my Quick Takes file for six months looking for a chance to slot it in. The complexity of the upper limbs, though, is just part of the problem. While prosthetic leg te … [Read more...]

My plans for Father’s Day: Stealth Compliments

This past weekend, one of my coworkers brought his parents by a work event and I got to do the very fun thing that I get to do very rarely: giving honest, effusive comments.  It feels weird (at least for me) to just turn to a friend and say "Do you know why you are extremely delightful? Well..." but much more natural to meet someone's parents and say: "Do you know the game Set?  And there's usually a point in the game where everyone stares at the cards that are left and says 'Well, I'm pretty s … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/17/13)

--- 1 --- Yesterday, I was blogging about abstinence education, shame, and horrible Homeric epithets.  That may leave you wondering what kind of sex-ed my high school had.  It turns out that my school had an abstinence-only policy, but, instead of damaging content, they went with no content.  My semester of sex-ed consisted entirely of the teacher putting on episodes of Freaks and Geeks til the bell rang. --- 2 --- I reached to Much Ado about Nothing and A Song of Ice and Fire for my examples … [Read more...]

The Rotten Orange and the Kingslayer

Calah Alexander kicked off a Patheos Catholic-wide conversation about certain kinds of abstinence-only education with "Sloppy Seconds Sex-Ed" and Elizabeth Scalia has been aggregating the responses.  Calah is criticizing specifically the kind of program that sends students (especially women) the message that sex before marriage will leave them used up and worthless. When I heard it, it was glasses of water. Women (and only women, mind you; the boys got a separate talk about cherishing each … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/10/13)

--- 1 --- If I kept a gratitude journal, I'd start every day's entry with "I am grateful I'm not in law school."  (I hear all the cool parts from my law schools friends or Law and the Multiverse, anyway).  But, after seeing beckwithmw's visualization of thesis length by subject, I'm prepared to add my non-attendance at a lot more grad schools to a daily litany of thanks. --- 2 --- The tails and travails of my friends were enough to keep me safe from these grad schools, but, if I noticed my w … [Read more...]