7 Quick Takes (6/15/2012)

Mmm... acceptance of physical instantiation.

--- 1 --- The Turing Test answers have been revealed, but there's more analysis (and thus, more graphs!) to come over the weekend.Statistical fun times will pause on Monday, though, for a special announcement. --- 2 --- It's been a while since I mentioned  my overcoming-gnostic-hatred-of-the-physical-through-cooking project, but it is still ongoing.  This week I made the Easy Little Bread recipe from 101 Cookbooks and it was indeed both easy and little.  I didn't have any rolled oats, so I … [Read more...]

Eve Tushnet’s Turing Reflections

There's more quantitative Turing analysis to come, but, in the meantime, you may want to check out two posts Eve Tushnet has written on her experience reading the entries and writing her own.Ideological Turing Test Results–Sin makes me stupid! This is a thing where atheists and Christians attempt to answer questions both from their own POV/beliefs and from the “other side.” The stated objective, per Leah, is to give “a nice way to see how well both sides understand how the other team thinks. … [Read more...]

Christian Round Winners [Turing 2012]


As was the case yesterday, you may want to keep this year's answer key and the list of Christian answers at hand while you look through the results from round two.The top three scorers in round two were all sincere Christians.  Eve Tushnet took home 'Most Christian Christian' with 88% of Christian respondents rating her entry number nine as 'Likely Christian' or 'Very Likely Christian.'  The next two slots were won by Elliot (entry five, 86%) and Gilbert (entry six, 85%).So before I tell … [Read more...]

Atheist Round Winners [Turing 2012]


May I have the envelope please?  (You may want to keep the answer key and the list of entries handy in another tab).  Drumroll.... The Most Atheist Atheist was Shawn (blogger at Belief in People and entry number four) who scored 81%.  Right behind him were two successful Christians: Gilbert from The Last Conformer (entry five, 78%) and Elliot from The Paraphasic (entry eleven, 71%). All the other Christians clustered at the bottom of the heap.  The only actual atheist to get stuck down there wi … [Read more...]

[Turing 2012] Pencils Down, Masks Off

Answer Key

Later today, you'll find out how well you did at spotting the fakers in the Atheist round (Christian round scores follow tomorrow), but now it's time for the big reveal.  At the bottom of the post is a table sorted by entry number, so you can check your guesses more efficiently.  So, without further ado, let's meet our lovely contestants:  Christians: Alan - Author of A7 and C13 I am an ordained pastor. I grew up in a mainline church but changed denominations over polity. I first e … [Read more...]

2012 Queer Blogathon [Index Post]


In June of 2012, I took one leg of the Secular Student Alliance Blogathon, promising to put up twelve posts in twelve hours, all of which were prompted by comments on the mammoth thread "Go Ahead, Tell Me What’s Wrong with Homosexuality."  I started with empirics, and somehow meandered off into discussion of companionate marriage and bank robberies-as-first-dates by the end.  The Blogathon raises money for the SSA, and, of course, they'll welcome your donations even if you're reading this long af … [Read more...]

Today’s the last day to vote in the Turing Test

The answers go up tomorrow, so whip people to take a look at the Christian round and turn in guesses by midnight tonight.  If you're sending it around or posting to your blog, encourage people to start with number thirteen and work backwards.  There was a lot of attrition.Meanwhile, I'm recovering from Blogathon in the best possible way... a full day lecture on data analysis and visualization by Tufte!  (He's the author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, for which my affe … [Read more...]