The Great Divorce… the musical

So, remember that atheist friend I had the The Great Divorce bookclub with?  There were a number of unexpected benefits to that fight, but perhaps the most delightful is the fact that my friend likes songwriting and Sondheim, and relyricized a number from Into the Woods to be about the Dwarf and the Tragedian.You can google around for a summary of the scene (I don't see the text up anywhere) but, given how often I recommend it and that my friend with a wildly different belief system agreed it … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (3/15/13)

--- 1 --- I've joined up on one of the online campaigns for Dungeons and Discourses, and, meanwhile, friend of the blog Christian H has invented an expansion pack for Scott's game.  He's invented spells and feats for a new Critic class and you can see how he put it all together chez lui.  Here's one I particularly enjoyed: PERFORM GENDER Type: self, feminist, lgtbq, postmodern Prerequisite: 2 Level Utopian or Ethicist Cost: 2W Duration: 2 turns Spell: You use your knowledge of gender per … [Read more...]

Staring Doubts in the Face

Before I left DC to start my new job, I arranged a The Great Divorce bookclub with an atheist friend.  Somehow, just in the lead up to the argument we managed to pull in Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and the Grand Inquisitor scene from The Brothers Karamazov.  (And now I've got him reading Ted Chiang's "Hell is the Absence of God").But aside from the pleasure of a good fight, making my friend grant that this soteriology made more internal sense than he expected, and apparently inspi … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (3/1/13)

--- 1 --- Sorry to have been absent!  I've had a few 15 hour days, since I've arrived at my new job at a very busy time and I'm still trying to find housing and put an end to my itinerant living.  There will definitely be a more usual schedule of posting starting Wednesday, but no guarantee til then.Luckily, I've got something nice for you to pass the time with.  Scott/Yvain has the updated handbook for his Dungeons and Discourses game (and he'll help put you in contact with skype or ne … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/22/2013)

--- 1 --- Well, starting a job during crunch time for the organization plays merry hob with my plans to write.  It's been a frenetic (though enjoyable!) time, and I'm hoping that some more free time over the weekend will give me the space to prewrite some post and format the already-existing guest posts for the Naming Infinity bookclub.As part of the moving hubbub, I was trying to finish some books that I meant to read, but didn't necessarily plan to ship to California, so I finally got ar … [Read more...]

Good thing you all keep fighting even while I’m moving

I really like it when my blog becomes a kind of backdoor pilot for spinoff conversations on other blogs.  A conversation in the civil same sex marriage thread spun into a dialogue Irenist and Jake over at the former's blog (Marginalia).  There are three posts in the series so far.In the first, Irenist responds to some of Jake's comments and questions about how religiously motivated a law is allowed to be. The U.S. was designed not to have an institution like the Church of England. That’s all … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/15/13)

--- 1 --- Happy day after Valentine's Day and Susan B. Anthony's birthday!  There are many admirable kinds of love, but the most powerful may be the kind my mother displayed for me yesterday, when she helped me pack up everything I owned and then drove us both back up to New York for my final leavetakings.There were three boxes of books, and several labelled "Costumes/Props."  And about four to five  unsuccessful corset mockups ended up in the trash (does the set of front panels I tore out a … [Read more...]