Up for a Quest?

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Scott/Yvain has previously written a truly delightful Dungeons and Discourses game (inspired by these two Dresden Codak comics). Here's an excerpt (which doesn't even include any of the musical numbers or the ingenious solution to Nagel's question: What is it like to be a bat?) In his roundabout way, he identifies himself as Heraclitus, the Fire Mage, one of the four great Elemental Mages of Platonia. Many years ago, he crossed into Origin on some errand, only to be ambushed by his arch-enemy, … [Read more...]

Javert: No Quarter Asked or Given


I first saw Les Miserables when I was in middle school, I think, and I was on the edge of my seat from the opening number.  But the moment that transfixed me was Javert's joyous "Stars."  I was in love.There was nothing I wanted so much as to be like that man, ramrod-straight, inviolate, and wholly consecrated to duty.  In fact, when informed of my conversion, one friend, initially puzzled, said, "Well, I guess you've always been a bit of an absolutist."  But my Javertian tendencies are a … [Read more...]

“The Time is Now! The Day is Here!”

les mis flashmob

Things I have attended at midnight this year: The Hunger Games, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and Mass (the first time I've ever attended Mass at Christmas, in fact).  But, today, one family tradition is unchanged by my conversion.  If it's Christmas, it's time for Chinese food and a movie.  And I hope I don't have to tell any of you which movie it's going to be.A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little crestfallen that I didn't have any friends who were likely to invite me t … [Read more...]

Some Christmas Eve Day Reading

I felt that the struggles of my character, Mary, needed to be emphasized. The audience really needed to understand that she was suffering. I constructed my costume accordingly.By the time I was done reinventing her, Mary carried a cane, walked with an exaggerated limp and was completely covered in BandAids.

First of all, I feel terrible that I left Hyperbole and a Half's story of her attempt to stage a nativity play at the age of six ("The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas") off of my Christmas traditions list.  Hie thee hence and read this wonderful story/comic.  Here's how she handles her own Mary costume:Ok, now that you're back, and have had a few deep breaths to stop laughing quite so hard... Yesterday, at Mass, the priest's homily was mostly focused on trying to encourage parishoners t … [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Birth of Christ (but were afraid to tweet @Pontifex)

jesus infancy narratives

I received a comped copy of this book for review, but have not taken any other compensation  nor was this post subject to any editorial review.  (Besides the eagle-eyed grammar police of the commentariat).I read Jesus of Nazareth:  From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration earlier this year, as part of the two-person book club I set up with the Dominican friar who sponsored me at my baptism.  Although Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives is part of the same project, the two b … [Read more...]

7 Christmas Traditions (12/21/12)

--- 1 --- Since the next Quick Takes will take place after Christmas, I thought it would be a nice time to share some holiday traditions from my family and some from elsewhere.  For example, this tradition was found by a friend of mine who was reading David Graeber's Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology Residents of the squatter community of Christiana, Denmark have a Christmastide ritual where they dress in Santa suits, take toys from department stores and distribute them to children on the … [Read more...]

Three Stories of Forgiveness


I have a collection of strange tags in my google reader clippings system ("drones," "mary mallon," and "surveillance state"), but, given the events of the past week, I thought it might be appropriate to dip into the "radical forgiveness" file. Nobuo Fujita, 85, Is Dead; Only Foe to Bomb America (Nicholas Kristof, NYT) Mr. Fujita, whose incendiary bombs set off forest fires in Oregon's coastal range, played the key role in a quixotic plan by Japanese military commanders to put … [Read more...]