Baby and Mommy and Mommy and Daddy

Rod Dreher is upset about a bill in California that would allow a child to have more than two parents in the eyes of the law.  (The double indent is Dreher quoting an article, followed by his comment in normal blockquote formatting).State Sen. Mark Leno is pushing legislation to allow a child to have multiple parents.“The bill brings California into the 21st century, recognizing that there are more than Ozzie and Harriet families today,” the San Francisco Democrat said....SB 1476 stem … [Read more...]

“Ethics is Like Physics” is total me-linkbait

The power is trickling back on.  Well, for now at any rate.  There's still a live utility pole a few blocks from my house that's apparently teetering over a gas station.  Sigh.  So as I work through my backlog of comments and email and promised replies, I've got another reading recommendation.Because, speaking of promised replies, Camels with Hammers had a really nice essay up titled "How Ethics Is More Like Physics Than Faith."  I'm not really in agreement with Dan's definition of fait … [Read more...]

In which my housemate writes a diss track

My housemate, Alexander, relyricized the union standard "The Ballad of Joe Hill" as a slam on Pepco, the energy company that's leaving us to languish in the dark.  DCist has picked it up, and has put out a call for local bands to submit covers.  The full lyrics are at the link, but there's a preview below.  And I promise to update you if any musicians answer the call. I dreamed I saw Pepco last night Driving down my street. “Thank God!” said I, “Our power’s down.” “It never died,” said he... … [Read more...]

Cheer up! It’s a Dungeons and Discourses inspired musical

dire postmodernists

I hope you're all already familiar with Dresden Codak's Dungeons and Discourse and Advanced Dungeons and Discourse, which basically make philosophy jokes in a DnD setting.  (These two comics are the source of the above image).It turns out that Scott, the guy whose post I was recommending in "The (Epistemic) Floor is Made of Lava," wrote up a plot and songs for a philosophy based DnD campaign.  It reminds me strongly of The Phantom Tollbooth. That means his players are facing down Ho … [Read more...]

“We estimate 90% of customers will have power restored by July 6th”

loaves on train

Whelp, it looks like you won't be seeing that much of me over the course of the week.  You know it's bad when you're upset that the power company dealt with the live wire lying across your street.  It may have been a hazard, but it was supplying me with sweet, sweet, electricity.  The cell towers in my neighborhood have been hit pretty bad by the storm, too, so I can't even keep up with Google Reader and comments with my phone.  Don't worry about me, though.  I've got a maglite, batteries, and bo … [Read more...]

You Got Your State in My Church! Well, You Got Your Church in My State!

Over in the Pagan Channel here at Patheos, I found an interesting religious liberty case.  Literata Hurley is a Wiccan priestess, and she is trying to get the state of Virginia to allow her to officiate at weddings.  Unlike a lot of states, who let pretty much anyone get 'ordained' online through the Universal Life Church, Virginia has standards for what it really means to be a religious leader.  Not particularly well defined standards, mind you, but, y'know, standards. I presented my ce … [Read more...]

Q&A with Shameless Popery + Radio Roundup

I've been triaging email as well as comments, but when someone contacts me for a Q&A and the first three questions are Q: Jen Fulwiler (another atheist-to-Catholic convert) recently pointed out that we Catholics are fond of giving atheists books on the faith. What do you think of this approach? and Q: Are there any books that you would recommend sharing with loved ones who are atheists? and Q. How big of a role did books play in your own conversion?, well, I guess Shameless Popery had my … [Read more...]