Remember that chat we had about Nazi analogies?

The post was "It’s hard for me to hear you over the sound of your Nazi analogies" and the comment thread was... err... frustrating, so I'm not advising you revive it.  But there's been a positive development: Mark Shea has decided to stop using the phrase "gay brownshirts" (with more comment from him here).We didn't exactly come to consensus (he and I still definitely disagree on whether the comparison is accurate), but we can pretty much agree it does bupkis for dialogue.  I want to thank hi … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/18/12)

glasses cyborg

--- 1 --- Sign-ups for the Ideological Turing Test are now closed.  I've emailed all the participants and they're hard at work on their entries.  Because of the number of submissions, I couldn't contact everyone who signed up to confirm they were not participating.Later today, I'll have a link to a sample ballot, and I'd appreciate your feedback on any demographic questions you want me to ask. --- 2 --- Remember last weekend, when I mentioned that JT Eberhard was asking people to list the … [Read more...]

My Radical Homosexual Agenda for the Military

Mark Shea is in agreement with Rod Dreher that Obama and the Dems are mounting a serious assault on the religious liberty of military chaplains. Quoth Dreher (quoting the news first):The Obama administration “strongly objects” to provisions in a House defense authorization bill that would prohibit the use of military property for same-sex “marriage or marriage-like” ceremonies, and protect military chaplains from negative repercussions for refusing to perform ceremonies that conflict with the … [Read more...]

When Moral Hazard is the Safest Course

Patheos blogger Thomas McDonald of God and the Machine is horrified by the FDA's recommendation to approve Truvada (an antiretroviral cocktail) as preventative treatment for HIV.  When people use the prophylactic regime, their chances of contracting HIV are reduced by 50-75%.  As far as I can tell, these are the 'actual use' numbers.  With perfect use, the chance of infection goes down to pretty much zero.  This is why, in affluent countries with good health care services, there's virtually no ch … [Read more...]

Sign up to play in the Ideological Turing Test!

Thanks for all your feedback on picking questions for the Turing Test.  This year the slate of questions for Atheists and Christians will be identical.  Everyone will answer the following questions:When (if ever) have you deferred to your philosophical or theological system over your intuitions? Are there people whose opinions on morality you trust more than your own? How do you recognize them? How is trusting them different than trusting someone’s opinion on physics? Can you name any wo … [Read more...]

Which Apologetics Need Answers?

JT Eberhard of Freethought Blogs has some as-of-yet unspecified project in the works, and he's put out a request for help: I need to know what arguments you’ve heard for god’s existence. Which one, in particular, would you like to see me take a swing at? That sounds like a job for... the religiously diverse, scrappy, mostly well behaved commentariat of Unequally Yoked!JT is accepting requests all weekend, but, since he hasn't described the project, I don't know exactly what he's after, so I … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/11/12)

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--- 1 --- The Ideological Turing Test for Religion is gearing up for another go round.  It's a contest where Atheists and Christians test how well they understand each other.  Contestants try to write from the perspective of the other side, and the readers see if they can tell true from false.  We're finalizing the list of questions this weekend, so please do weigh in on what kinds of prompts would elicit very different responses from atheists and Christians. --- 2 ---I don't blog about wo … [Read more...]