My Hatred of Football Outweighs My Apathy for Harvard

I clipped panels from this SMBC comic.  Click through to read the whole thing

I hate football.  If humans are the thinking animal, football (and the hard hits and concussion that seem to baked into the modern form of the sport) are an assault on our humanity.  Slate has a good compendium of links explaining the scope of the concussions crisis.  The most upsetting stories tend to be those of the families of the players who watch their loved ones slip into early dementia, sometimes accompanied by poor impulse control and violence.  It reminds me of Giles's line from the … [Read more...]

“In a world of wondering, suddenly you know”


About two years ago, long before I converted, a student was working on his performance of "How Glory Goes" in a musical theatre masterclass that I was sitting in.  The song is from the musical Floyd Collins, based on the life of Floyd Collins, a cave explorer from Kentucky who was trapped in a cave and starved to death alone.  (An obvious topic for a musical).  Before the rocks shifted and cut Floyd off from the surface completely, there was a narrow shaft open.  A very slight reporter could shim … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (11/16/12)

--- 1 --- I'll start these quick takes with two call backs to recent topics.  Chicago Mag has a post-election interview with Nate Silver. Back when you were living in Chicago, one of your first blogs was the Burrito Bracket, in which you attempted—via statistics—to find the best burrito in Wicker Park. Yes. I would just go and eat tacos and burritos for lunch a lot and compare those, get the same food item, like a steak burrito, for consecutive days at different locations. And then try to have … [Read more...]

“Reach out your hand, and see what it gets you”


Traditionally, as catechumens prepare for baptism in the Catholic Church, we hear three specific Gospel readings at the three Scrutiny Masses before reception of the Sacraments (John 4:1-42, John 9:1-41, and John 11:1-44).  Because my parish does two cycles of RCIA per year, I ended up hearing the story of Bartimaeus, the blind man as told in a different gospel.  On October 28th, the reading was from Mark 10:46-52 as follows: As Jesus was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a sizable crowd, B … [Read more...]

Here’s what’s coming up this week…


I'm going to be received into the Catholic Church this Sunday (baptism, confirmation, and first communion).  Here's what's going to be going on here at the blog from now until Thanksgiving.In the spirit of my blogging advice from yesterday, I'm going to be doing some arts blogging as a lens on some parts of my conversion/spiritual life on Thursday and Friday.  (Fairly musical theatre heavy, natch).On Saturday, I'll be on my anti-football hobbyhorse in honor of the Harvard-Yale gam … [Read more...]

Handy Dandy Blogging Advice!

Blog_New Yorker cartoon (Medium)

This weekend, I went up to Baltimore to attend a session of the Fall General Assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The session was called, "An Encounter With Social Media: Bishops and Bloggers Dialogue" and included a presentation of survey results about Catholic blog reading habits, a panel discussion, small group discussion, and then a period where the bishops asked questions of the bloggers en masse and then we switched and asked them questions.They encouraged us to … [Read more...]

The Day After Veterans Day


Veterans Day occurred yesterday in the U.S.  It's a federal holiday for the recognition of all veterans and coincides with the international recognition of Remembrance Armistice Day at the end of World War I.  I thought it would be appropriate to follow a day of recognition of what soldiers did in the wars with a few articles about what they do after.  Troops returning home may mark a technical cessation of hostilities, but there's more to do to bind up the wounds of the confl … [Read more...]