7QT: Well Designed Studies, Metaphors, and Parties

--- 1 --- I've had some pretty good Sondheim birthdays, but this toddler's parents have thrown the best party. To celebrate her son’s first birthday, L’erin Dobra threw him a Mickey Mouse party.Planning out Grayson’s second birthday party, Ms. Dobra chose a different theme, one that reflected her little boy’s most passionate interest: New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart.Mr. Bart is a familiar face in Louisiana thanks to his ubiquitous TV ads and a firm motto that would make S … [Read more...]

7QT: Inventive takes on Electronics, Priesthood, and Stereoscopic Vision

--- 1 --- Thanks to anyone who contributed to my birthday fundraiser for GiveDirectly!  I set $300 as a goal, and, between you guys and my offline friends, folks have raised over $400 for this highly effective cash transfer program!Also, because my friends, like me, are huge dorks, a number of people donated psuedononymously under names like:MORALITY ITSELF PPJ Bobby Tables; SELECT * FROM USERS; :) (see here if confused)I love you guys.  The fundraiser is still open, if you'd l … [Read more...]

Discounts and Donations on my Birthday!

miles of cake

Today's my birthday!  I'm celebrating by going to the monthly DC Shape Note sing and singing things like "David's Lamentation!"Um, well... in a festive way.  (Maybe that was not the right song example to give)  Is "Balm in Gilead" better? Meanwhile, for you guys, I'm pleased to announce that the ebook version of Arriving at Amen is discounted all week!If you've read the book and liked it, maybe today's a good day to give me a birthday present by getting a copy of Arriving at … [Read more...]

If You Like A Queer Calling, You May Want to Help Out the Authors


I'm a big fan of the blog A Queer Calling, and I'm lucky enough to know Lindsey and Sarah in real life.  They write thoughtfully and generously about their experience offering learning how to live their vocation of love in a partnership, and they've placed hospitality/offering love to others at the center of their relationship.I've tried to make a space in my life for one-to-many hospitality (seeking out apartments and buildings with large living rooms, centrally located in the city to be … [Read more...]

7QT: Time-travel, Esperanto, Dinosaurs, and Other Oddly Expressed Dreams

tiny cow

--- 1 --- First things first: the song of the week--- 2 --- Elsewhere in science news, I really enjoyed this article about lizards who find their way home by a still unknown mechanism (especially all the weird ways scientists have tried to rule out various answers) Then the researchers created caps with pieces of Ping-Pong ball, and attached them with surgical glue and cork as a cushion, to the heads of the anoles to interfere with polarized light that might reach an organ in the brain … [Read more...]

Sophisters, Economists, and Calculators Succeed on the Last ITT Question


Keep your grain of salt handy (non-Christian responses question totaled just 36 replies), but that was enough to identify a Christian winner in the round that asked contestants "What’s a question you’re currently uncertain about, where you’d like to “flip to the back of the book” and find the answer now?"The ability of markets to provide fundamental governance services. Conventional theory holds that private property rights protection, rule of law, etc. cannot be provided by the market, and t … [Read more...]

The Judges Lose The Ritual Round of the ITT


All right, take all the results with a grain of salt (non-Christian responses were low for this question -- just 21 replies), but I'm hard pressed to crown a winner on this question instead of just saying that the judges lost.  Technically this was the highest ranked fake-atheist response to "What role does ritual have in your life? What role would you like it to have?"I’ve always loved routines, but I think that’s not quite what “ritual” means. I take “ritual” to refer to events that are esp … [Read more...]