Ethical Edge Cases So Sharp You’ll Cut Yourself


I've run into three considerations of hypotheticals (two of them in the last week) that all seem to fall into a pattern.  First up. there's this dialogue, related to me by a friend who teaches a second grade catechism class. (They were discussing how the disciples of Christ spread the gospel). Teacher: If you had to spread a message today, how would you do it? Second Grader: I'd capture a mountain lion and tame him and ride him so fast. Teacher: Hmmm... That might not work if the mountain … [Read more...]

Shortlist for my 2015 Blogging Book

(cc Joe Crawford)

Today marks the start of the On Christian Doctrine Augustine bookclub, so, if any of you are interested in joining, you've actually only got three paragraphs from the preface to read today in order to get all caught up with the rest of us.  And one of those three grafs goes like this: To those who do not understand what is here set down, my answer is, that I am not to be blamed for their want of understanding. It is just as if they were anxious to see the new or the old moon, or some very o … [Read more...]

Discussing Continuing Conversion & Prayer with Mark Shea


Last week I joined Mark Shea on his radio show to chat about my conversion, and my forthcoming book on prayer, including what I described as "probably a non-heretical approach to lectio divina," which was originally inspired by the advice my vocal teacher gave me when I kept messing up Sondheim's "Good Thing Going."  She'd tell me, "You're singing the note you want to sing, and Sondheim's going to give it to  you, but not yet."You can hear us talk about how I adapted that advice to scripture … [Read more...]

Books on deck for me in 2015!

2014 books

It turns out that Goodreads has a nifty feature that plots the publication date of books you read against when you read them.  (I think it gets confused by second editions and reissues, though).  It was fun to see my year's (well, half-year's -- I started using Goodreads this summer) reading plotted out in this way. Turns out the top ten oldest things I read were:Loss and Gain: Story of a Convert - John Henry Newman (1848) [reread] Dracula - Bram Stoker (1879) Cuchulain of Muirthemne - … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Remixes: Shakespeare, Star Wars, and Sweeney!


--- 1 --- I'm sure I'll write something longer later, but I just want to give you all the heads up that I really enjoyed the Into the Woods movie.It's like a lot of book-to-movie adaptations, where there are nuances and characterizations that are flattened or telescoped for film, but you still really enjoy seeing the story you love in a new medium, finding a new audience.  Both times I went (once on Christmas, once a week after) the theater sold out.I'd still say, in a perfect world, wa … [Read more...]

Beginning as I’ll Go On in 2015

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Leigh Bardugo, author of the Grisha Trilogy (and cause of my Halloween costume) is running a series of creativity sprints, starting at noon today.  The goal is to "Begin as You Mean to Go On" in the new year (she has a FAQ here).This doesn't necessarily mean, if you plan to clean your garage this year, that you'll go out and clean the whole thing, or even spend two hours on it, to really make a good start today.  Even spending five minutes counts.Why?  Because now cleaning your garage is … [Read more...]

Celebrate the New Year by reading Black Lamb, Grey Falcon!


My family often celebrates New Year's Eve by watching a very long movie (i.e. Gandhi) on New Year's Eve, when we're committed to staying up to finish it.If you'd like to pick up that tradition but in a literary vein, why not welcome in the new year while reading Rebecca West's Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia.I read it this month because all my cool friends were reading/had read it, and I'm very pleased to have done so (though my boyfriend now insists I read … [Read more...]