The Worm at the Heart of the Tower in Merrily We Roll Along

merrily crowd

This post is one in a series on friendship, explored through the lenses of Stephen Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along and C.S. Lewis's The Four Loves.In high school, I took a survey history course on the Middle East, which ran in reverse.  We started at the present day, and worked our way backwards, with a sense of suspense to discover the cause of the war whose consequences we had learned in the last lecture.  Merrily We Roll Along follows a similar format, spooling out its story back … [Read more...]

My turn to play #mencallmethings


After a little more than four years of blogging, last night is the first time I got called a c-word online.  And then it happened again.  And then again. What provoked this?  These two tweets: Not going back to the convenience store on the corner after clerk aggressively asked for my number (but not my name) #YesAllWomen I really don't like that sketchy clerks, etc can de facto bar me from places, since it's imprudent to return & keep saying no #YesAllWomen It was medium-unpleasant en … [Read more...]

Strange Changes in Beasts and Bookstores

friend cake

--- 1 --- You still have time this weekend to watch Merrily We Roll Along this weekend and letting me know you want to participate in my Sondheim Symposium on friendship.  I'll be readying my posts, and, in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy seeing the cake I baked for the in-person symposium.--- 2 --- The lyrics of the opening song from Merrily pose the question:How did you ever get there from here? How does it happen? How does it happen? When does it disappear? Isn't it al … [Read more...]

Does Univeralism Create a World Without Consequences?

gunnerkrigg glass

A couple weeks ago, PEG replied to my post on objections to universalism with a post of his own titled "Struggling With Apocatastasis."  In my original post, I wasn't affirming universal salvation, but replying to a common attempt to prove it impossible or unjust.  In his reply, PEG raised another objection that I'd like to take a crack at.  (I'm excerpting pretty briefly, so go check the whole thing). I think Leah is looking at human freedom only through the lens of choice... I think there is a … [Read more...]

Elaine Stritch — I’m Still Here

Elaine Stritch passed away today, so I just wanted to share this video of her performing "I'm Still Here" at the White House a couple years ago.And here she is, years earlier, recording "Ladies Who Lunch" for the cast album of Company.Everybody rise! … [Read more...]

Can you recognize the fairy tale I’m signing?


Back to normal posts tomorrow, hopefully.  I've been a little snowed under -- especially as I'm taking a hypercompressed ASL class at Gallaudet at the moment.  So, for now, can anyone guess what fairy tale I'm (trying) to recount in this video from my homework? I needed to tell some story with not-too many characters that would give me the opportunity to contrast the different temperaments of the people in the story.  For some reason (my fever, maybe?) my first plan was to tell t … [Read more...]

Three Priestesses Deciding Whom to Sacrifice

full fathom five

There are three priestesses at the heart of Max Gladstone's newest book in his Craft Sequence, Full Fathom Five, and none of them fit easily into the traditional split of Maiden, Mother, Crone.In his last book, Two Serpents Rise, the action took place in a city that had thrown out its gods and had replaced it with a more mechanical means of keeping communion flowing between souls.  This book also takes place in a city without gods (Kavekana's gods went out to the wars, and never made it ba … [Read more...]