On Doxologies, the Kingdom, and the Oxford Comma

oxford comma

A friend of mine (who you may have seen on this blog as squelchtoad) posed a delightful question on facebook: The doxology at the end of the Lord's prayer is often written "For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory." Is it meant to mean "the kingdom, the power, and the glory" or is "the power and the glory" an epithet for "the kingdom"? Catholics don't incorporate this doxology into the end of the Lord's Prayer (though, in the post Vatican II Mass, the laity say it as a separate thing … [Read more...]

7 Quick Book Recommendations

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Tis the season for finding gifts, and how could you possibly do better than books?  Seriously, when I was a little kid, the tooth fairy left money and YA fiction in our beds.  It's hard for me to cull from my list of favorites, so these seven books (plus one bonus recommendation) are all culled from things I read for the first time in 2012.Oh, and don't forget that when you buy books or anything on Amazon through my links, I get a small cut that I turn into more book purchases and r … [Read more...]

Hey, Hallquist, want to give me a one-sentence long early Christmas present?


Yesterday, I wrote a little response to Chris Hallquist's open call for comments on his book draft.  Turns out I had misunderstood how big a claim Chris was making, which he helpfully clarified in a comment, and I'm sure the finished work will help prevent people from making my mistake.  I only had two other issues worth commenting on with the chapter, one that's picayune, and one that's probably beyond the scope of what Hallquist is trying to do in this chapter.  First things first:Chris men … [Read more...]

I see your trilemma, and raise you a tetralemma!

The Pharisees Question Jesus

Over at Cross Examined, Bob Seidensticker has an objection to C.S. Lewis's Trilemma, and John E_o raised the same question over here.  Bob says, why stay stuck in Lewis's framework that Jesus Christ must be either a lunatic, a liar, or the Lord of all Creation?  Can't we just pick 'legend?' We have no problem with wisdom taken from the Koran or the story of Gilgamesh or the Upanishads or any other book of religion or mythology despite its being wrong about the supernatural stuff. Assuming that t … [Read more...]

The theologians Chris Hallquist doesn’t believe in

uncredible hallq

Chris Hallquist (who blogs in the Patheos Atheist channel as the Uncredible Hallq) is in the process of writing a book tentatively titled Angry Atheists?: Why the Backlash Against Popular Atheism Is Silly. As he writes it, he's posting drafts of chapters on his blog to invite comment, sort out confusion, etc.   The most recent chapter he's revised and posted is to be Chapter Two: The many gods I don’t believe in (yours included).Since I guess I'm in the intended audience for the eventual book … [Read more...]

The Invisible Church You’re Worshipping In


I ordered a copy of Three Parts Dead (and cajoled three friends into having a book club) when I read the ever trustworthy Alyssa Rosenberg's glowing review.  But I just found out that the author is doing an AMA on Reddit, and his intro alone is probably enough to attract the interest of some of you folks. Three Parts Dead follows Tara, a junior associate in an international necromancy firm. She’s been hired to resurrect a dead fire god, but as she investigates (with the help of a chain-smoking p … [Read more...]

For C.S. Lewis, Deo Gratias!


Patheos invited religious bloggers to share stories about people we're thankful for who've supported us in our faith.  Technically, they asked us to do this for Thanksgiving, but as I was late to the faith, it's thematically appropriate that I be late to the prompt as well.I turned out to be embarrassingly easy to snare.When I was coming out of Commons (the big dining hall on campus), Yale Students for Christ were tabling outside, and they'd put up a sign reading FREE BOOKS.  I was ov … [Read more...]