Get in the Game

Eli of Rust Belt Philosophy has expanded his critique of the LARPing exercise, and I found it really helpful. The game is meant to help you defend against not taking an idea very seriously or not working out its consequences or predictions, and now I understand why Eli doesn't think that properly falls into the category of good epistemology. I've excerpted below, but you should nip over and read the whole thing. On its face, this sort of thing [ugh fields] looks as though it's relevant to … [Read more...]

You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

nerf gun

Bob Seidensticker of Cross Examined (the one who sparked the discussion of the Atheist Prayer Experiment), put up a post earlier this week titled “I Used to be an Atheist, Just Like You” where he talks about three groups of atheists. Let me quote the relevant part: Group 3. These are the well-informed atheists. They understand both sides of the ontological, teleological, cosmological, transcendental, fine-tuning, and moral arguments and more. They are at least well-educated amateurs on evo … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (10/5/12)

wikipedia deletion

I was about title this "7 Geeky Takes" and then I thought, "Why is this day different from all other days?" --- 1 --- I have always loved Bill Nye the Science Guy.  I loved him as a kid and I loved him even more when he guested on Numb3rs and turned out to be a terrible actor (which means all his science enthusiasm is totally unfeigned).  So I'm delighted to tell you guys that there's a great interview with him in Fast Company.  All the bits are my favorite bits, including this anecdote: And t … [Read more...]

Know Your Enemy

I've been introducing one of my housemates to Battlestar Galactica and we got into an argument about whether it's acceptable to root for the Cylons or specific Cylons.  Luckily for blog readers you don't watch BSG (shame on you), this spilled over into a more general argument about what qualifies an individual as an enemy.I don't think there are any humans about which you can exuberantly say delenda est - that which must be destroyed.  There are times when lethal force or imprisonment is the … [Read more...]

Unarmed Prophets Stuck in a Chinese Room

I received a comped copy of Alone with a Jihadist through Speakeasy.Aaron Taylor spent seven hours arguing with Irish convert to Islam Khalid Kelly as part of a documentary called Holy Wars.   After the debate was over, he was troubled by Kelly's conflation of religion and the state and endorsement of war as evangelization.  This book lays out his pacifistic theology.When I signed up to review this book, I though more of it would be focused on the debate itself, but the confrontation … [Read more...]

Turns out someone was actually converted by the LARPing strategy

Back in the archives of the Why I am Catholic repository of conversion stories comes this anecdote from convert-from-Paganism Libby Edwards: I also enjoyed comic books. (Bear with me; this will all tie together in a moment.) My favorite character was from The Uncanny X-Men, a blue, fuzzy mutant with a spaded tail and a penchant for swashbuckling with a sword. His name was Nightcrawler, and he was a devout Catholic--possibly the only devout Catholic to ever star in comic books. He was something … [Read more...]

Just Give Me One Good Reason Not to Change My Mind

Eli of Rust Belt Philosophy thinks my LARP Your Way to Truth advice is a snare and a delusion. Let me post some excerpts, but you should pop over and read the short takedown piece in full for fairness: To begin, I cannot begin to imagine why Libresco thinks that curiosity only happens in the context of suspended disbelief. Perhaps she herself has that sort of cognitive limitation - though I doubt it - but it's hardly something that the rest of us have to deal with. I also have a really hard … [Read more...]