LARP Your Way to Truth

"It's an unorthodox epistemology, but it just might work!"

Over in the Atheist channel, Bob Seidensticker of Cross Examined is experimenting with prayer.  He's signed up for an experiment run by Justin Brierley of the Unbelievable radio show (which you may remember from the time Hemant and I tangled on air).  The program is asking for atheists to try praying for at least two to three minutes a day for God to reveal Himself to them (if he exists).  After 40 days, the atheists are going to share their experiences and, if applicable, conversions.Bob's a … [Read more...]

Catholic Radio Show Seeking Atheist Callers Tonight

Just saw this announcement on Facebook, and I thought some of you might want a heads-up. Tell all your atheists friends they have 2 hours of Catholic Answers Live just for them tonight. Here is a message from host Patrick Coffin:Are you an atheist? How solid is your atheism? Wanna go on live radio to defend your atheist beliefs? Today on Catholic Answers Live, I'm interviewing Catholic apologist Trent Horn in Hour One, and physicist Robert Spitzer, SJ, president of the Magis Institute for … [Read more...]

What are your utils denominated in?

harry potter catholicism

 In the comment threads for the "Hey! I didn't say Science Says!" post, there were a couple attempts to come up with metrics to check the impact of changes to marriage law.  Some of them are definitely quantifiable (suicide rate, reported domestic abuse) but don't do a good job capturing the impact of a given marriage schema on the whole population.  Those kinds of outcomes are only tracking couples who hit a certain threshhold of dysfunction.  It's like measuring the effectiveness of a … [Read more...]

Though it be but Little, it is Fierce


I'm still giving you Monday morning costuming updates, so I feel accountable to keep making progress.  This week I sewed together the muslin mockup for the corset.  Because fit is really important for this kind of bodice, you make a scratch copy of your pattern in muslin, so you don't waste your good fabric on a first draft.Good seamstresses make later drafts in fabric that more closely resembles what you're actually using, and insert boning and grommets, so it wears like the final garment.   … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (9/21/12)

--- 1 --- I'm not going to make you wait til the end for the most glorious link I've found recently.  Stick around for the rest, sure, but first watch through this video of Flight of the Conchords turning to children for help writing a charity song.--- 2 --- If you're visiting from Jen's blog, I just want to give you a heads-up that two friends and I are selling philosophy t-shirts through Spreadshirt. Right now we've got one design for the Allegory of the Cave and one for the T … [Read more...]

“Hey! I didn’t say ‘Science Says’”

Helen Rittelmeyer is blogging and writing again.  She just contributed to the American Spectator's Youth Symposium, claiming that relativism is no longer conservatism's greatest enemy.  Let me grab a pull quote. In the last culture war, relativism’s influence was evident in the stock arguments that kept appearing in magazines and op-ed pages: Breaking taboos is valuable for its own sake; people have a right to make their own choices and not be judged for it; what you call a social evil is real … [Read more...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

mta tshirt

Some friends and I were making philosophy jokes, as one does, and somehow a t-shirt sprung into being.This seemed like a crowd that might appreciate a wearable trolleyology joke, so here's the website where you can get them.  And I've stuck a bigger image of the design below. And then we had one more idea: … [Read more...]