The Invisible Church You’re Worshipping In


I ordered a copy of Three Parts Dead (and cajoled three friends into having a book club) when I read the ever trustworthy Alyssa Rosenberg's glowing review.  But I just found out that the author is doing an AMA on Reddit, and his intro alone is probably enough to attract the interest of some of you folks. Three Parts Dead follows Tara, a junior associate in an international necromancy firm. She’s been hired to resurrect a dead fire god, but as she investigates (with the help of a chain-smoking p … [Read more...]

For C.S. Lewis, Deo Gratias!


Patheos invited religious bloggers to share stories about people we're thankful for who've supported us in our faith.  Technically, they asked us to do this for Thanksgiving, but as I was late to the faith, it's thematically appropriate that I be late to the prompt as well.I turned out to be embarrassingly easy to snare.When I was coming out of Commons (the big dining hall on campus), Yale Students for Christ were tabling outside, and they'd put up a sign reading FREE BOOKS.  I was ov … [Read more...]

“Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

frankenstein googly eyes

Frankenstein is at least the great-uncle of the zombie story. The alternate title of Shelley’s book is The Modern Prometheus and we can’t quite decide, when it comes to necromancy, whether it’s more frightening to have Prometheus, Frankenstein, Faust and all the rest fail in their quest or succeed.  Somewhere along the way, our Frankenstein’s creatures acquired a lot more hardware than the bolts in the neck. Today, Shelley’s story has more in common with HAL and cyborgs than it does with the simp … [Read more...]

The Man is Father of the Monster

Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell...

When I saw the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein, I thought there were two somewhat cliché ideas that were lent additional depth in this staging. Previously, I wrote about Frankenstein learning humanity from his possibly inhuman monster, but there was also an interesting use of a trope as the creature learned to be a man.When the creature confronts Frankenstein’s wife near the end of the show, she marvels at his humanity and his sophistication, but when he lists what Frankenstein … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (11/23/12)

farenheit 451

--- 1 --- I'm always delighted when life imitates xkcd (after all, that's why I dressed up as a ninja and attacked Richard Stallman freshman year).  After xkcd explained the Saturn V using only the thousand most common English words, someone put together The Up-Goer Five Text Editor, that will let you try and explain ideas using only the top thousand words.  It'll flag you when you go wrong. --- 2 --- The New York Times ran an amazing obit for Sir Rex Hunt, who was the governor of the F … [Read more...]

The obvious Thanksgiving post…

west-wing turkey

 From the Onion: Biden Pardons Single Yam In Vice Presidential Thanksgiving RitualVia Sullivan: An explanation of how turkeys are trained to be pardoned Turkeys are naturally skittish, but the select group was trained to be what the National Turkey Federation describes as “media-savvy.” Handlers familiarized the turkeys with human contact and played music around the clock so the turkeys got used to loud noises and human voices. … [Read more...]

The Monster is Father of the Man

frankenstein cumberbatch

As I warned you, I’m taking some time before I write anything specifically about being received into the Catholic Church. In the meantime, I hope my thoughts on the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein will do. After all, it’s also about the surprise of becoming a new creationEngland’s National Theatre tapes some of its performances and allows them to be shown around the world. This past summer, I was lucky enough to see their production of Frankenstein twice through this program (on … [Read more...]