“We estimate 90% of customers will have power restored by July 6th”

loaves on train

Whelp, it looks like you won't be seeing that much of me over the course of the week.  You know it's bad when you're upset that the power company dealt with the live wire lying across your street.  It may have been a hazard, but it was supplying me with sweet, sweet, electricity.  The cell towers in my neighborhood have been hit pretty bad by the storm, too, so I can't even keep up with Google Reader and comments with my phone.  Don't worry about me, though.  I've got a maglite, batteries, and bo … [Read more...]

You Got Your State in My Church! Well, You Got Your Church in My State!

Over in the Pagan Channel here at Patheos, I found an interesting religious liberty case.  Literata Hurley is a Wiccan priestess, and she is trying to get the state of Virginia to allow her to officiate at weddings.  Unlike a lot of states, who let pretty much anyone get 'ordained' online through the Universal Life Church, Virginia has standards for what it really means to be a religious leader.  Not particularly well defined standards, mind you, but, y'know, standards. I presented my ce … [Read more...]

Q&A with Shameless Popery + Radio Roundup

I've been triaging email as well as comments, but when someone contacts me for a Q&A and the first three questions are Q: Jen Fulwiler (another atheist-to-Catholic convert) recently pointed out that we Catholics are fond of giving atheists books on the faith. What do you think of this approach? and Q: Are there any books that you would recommend sharing with loved ones who are atheists? and Q. How big of a role did books play in your own conversion?, well, I guess Shameless Popery had my … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (6/29/12)

broccoli fritters

--- 1 --- Yesterday, the big controversy on the blog was Tau Day, not the Supreme Court ruling. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit I spent the day glued to SCOTUSblog, and, when I got home, I had to celebrate. So I made broccoli parmesan fritters, using the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Fellow Patheos blogger Eve recently posted her own variation on this recipe, but I kept it simple (except for doubling the garlic).This was my second cooking project for the week, as I had my first Spawn … [Read more...]

Camels with Hammers has a rebuttal

He's a writer at FreeThought Blogs and has been engaging pretty respectfully (without sacrificing aggression!) with me and my ideas (as gleaned from posts and comments).  I particularly appreciated the post he did excoriating my some of my atheist friends for claiming atheists can't be moral realists.  That's a fight I tried to start in the atheist blogosphere when I was one, and I'm glad he's carrying the banner.Now, he's got a new post up, with the amusing title "In Which I Answer Leah L … [Read more...]

Today’s Big Controversy

All week, I've been looking forward to today, but I was mindful that it might be contentious and provoke rancor among my friends.  But, ultimately, truth is more important than partisanship, so, come what may, I want to wish you all a very happy Tau Day!As you may remember from math class, pi is approximately 3.14159 and, every year, on March 14th, math geeks tend to celebrate.  Pi is what you get when you divide a circle's circumference (the length around the outside) by the diameter ( … [Read more...]

The College Application Stratagem or, “Sing out Louise”

One frequent question I got about my conversion was, "Uh, don't you disagree with the Catholic Church on a lot of things? Aren't you bisexual? And a bit of a statist when it come to public health? And various other things?  What are you going to do about that?"I won't paper over those inconsistencies and call them insignificant, but I don't feel like I need to either resolve them instantly or pretend they don't trouble me.  One reason the Catholic Church has adults go through RCIA (Rite of C … [Read more...]