[Turing 2013] Christian Entry #2

This is the second entry in the Christian round of the 2013 Ideological Turing Test.  This year, atheists and Christians responded to questions about sex, death, and literature.    Polyamory Church marriage (a term I prefer because marriage is not generally held to be a Sacrament in the Anglican Communion) is a marriage between a man and a woman. The identity of the spouses is still disputed within our society, and I am personally torn over whether faithful same-sex couples should be a … [Read more...]

[Turing 2013] Christian Entry #1

This is the first entry in the Christian round of the 2013 Ideological Turing Test.  This year, atheists and Christians responded to questions about sex, death, and literature.    Polyamory Legalizing multiple marriage would deeply destabilize society. Anti-polygamy laws are a tool to fight fundamentalist Mormons and other cults which violate the dignity of the human person. In any patriarchal society, rich men would build harems, while poor men would be left without a spouse, which le … [Read more...]

Intuition Pumps and Other (sometimes extraneous) Tools for Thinking

Daniel Dennett has written three or four quite good books in 2013. It so happens they’re all appearing together as Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking, which, to be honest, I might have enjoyed a bit more as several separate kindle singles.In the first book (as I’d break it up), Dennett introduces the concept of an intuition pump – a thought experiment that helps us use our intuition to get a handle on a knotty problem – and starts running through ways you can use vivid hypothe … [Read more...]

Hey, NYC, invite me to speak!

I'll be in New York City August 9th and 10th for my college debate group's annual summer alumni debate.  While I'm in the neighborhood, I'd love to drop in to a bookstore or a theology on tap or a philosophical group to talk about anything from ways to have productive debates, my conversion, strategies for compassionate and compelling interfaith dialogue, Bayesian statistics for everyday use, weirder (and thus easier) ways to start conversation about marriage as an institution, or, as always, mu … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (7/12/13)

--- 1 --- The world is an unaccountably delightful place. This should be enough to prove my point, but I do have six additional takes.There is an opera about the jurisprudential relationship between Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader GinsbergIt includes the following lyrics for Scalia: The justices are blind — how can they possibly spout this? The Constitution says absolutely nothing about this! This right that they've enshrined — when did the document sprout this? The Framers wrote and s … [Read more...]

Choosing Questions for the Turing Test Judges

Before the end of July, you the readers will start reading and evaluating the contestants in this year's Ideological Turing Test: Sex and Death Edition.  Last year, I added a few questions to the ballots, but I didn't make much use of them, so I'm inclined to drop the extras and save you time (since you'll be filling out the questionnaires once for each entry).Here's last year's sample ballot.And here are the questions I plan to use this year:What is your best guess of which side … [Read more...]

Why So Santo Subito?

I am the child of two history teachers, so I grew up knowing that it was not done to study the recent past.  We need some time and distance to be able to make sense of the present and near past.  The full implications of a movement may take time to emerge, or some perspectives may take time to be heard.  In the short run, a historian focuses on preserving information (through oral histories, saving primary sources, etc) and waits to start analysis.I liked to picture a line of division swe … [Read more...]