Good News and Bad News on HIV/AIDS

My time at AAAS has come to an end, and today, I just want to feature one session.  (The post on the Dialogue on Science Ethics and Religion panel will be up later this week).Julio Montaner: Toward the Control of HIV and AIDS: Comprehensive Treatment as PreventionWe think of the mark of success for a new medical treatment as scoring a significant result when all the data are in. That's pretty good, but there's an even better prize: having your study called off part-way through be … [Read more...]

The Geek Goes On

Day Two at AAAS Conference...Data to Knowledge to Action: Computational Science in a Global Knowledge SocietyI'm taking Sebastian Thrun's Programming a Robotic Car class starting this week, so I was particularly excited for Peter Stone's talk "Intersections of the Future: Using Fully Autonomous Vehicles" and boy oh boy did it not disappoint.  Behold the future:What I found particularly interesting about his system is that it depends on the human passanger not overriding the … [Read more...]

“So you’re on vacation at a science conference?”

Heck yeah I am!  Here are some quick highlights from my first day at the AAAS Annual Meeting:Fifty Years of the Pill: Risk Reduction and Discovery of Benefits Beyond ContraceptionHow could I skip this session given the topic's recent prominence?  According to the panelists, the non-contraceptive side effects of the pill are varied.  It is prescribed to women with certain risk factors for ovarian cancer, because it lowers their chance of incidence.  It's also used as treatment for Pol … [Read more...]