Getting Tested on a Quasi-Catechism

 I'm skipping around in JT's questions, so, today, let's take a look at #2: What parts of Catholicism do you now accept? Which do you reject?Specifically...Did Jesus rise from the dead? Do you believe in heaven and hell? If so... What are the criteria for entry into heaven? Into hell? Were you to find out today that disobeying the ten commandments meant entry to heaven and abiding by them landed you in hell, would your behavior change? If so, how?Any others you feel … [Read more...]

The ‘Obvious’ Consequence

 In my last two posts about Jenifer Fulwiler’s controversial piece for the National Catholic Register (“Five Catholic Teachings that Make Sense to Atheists”), I mentioned that, although I thought it was a good approach to discuss the parts of Christian theology that seem most sensible and maybe even plausible to non-Christians, I thought the choice of some examples was misguided.When I try to think of the most intuitively appealing part of Christianity, it isn’t anything like venerat … [Read more...]

A Parable of Talents

 In a very schmaltzy YA book I read in middle school, a whole school bus load of middle schoolers died in a car accident and went straight to Heaven. I’m pretty sure the protagonist and his eventual girlfriend got to come back to life by the end because they had Unfinished Business back on Earth, but before they do, they get a preview look at Heaven as all their friends settle down for the rest of their afterlives.The Heaven of this book most closely resembles a glitzy theme park. … [Read more...]