Ethics Without Other People are Empty

I don’t understand ethical systems or teleology meant for humans that doesn’t talk about our relationships to other humans.That, in a nutshell, is why I hated Steve Antinoff’s Spiritual Atheism. Antinoff tries to find a way for atheists to live without God. He writes ”Spiritual atheism begins with a triple realization: that our experience of ourselves and our world leaves us ultimately dissatisfied, that our dissatisfaction is intolerable and must be broken through, and that there is no God. … [Read more...]

Where can I find atheists arguing about ethics?

After reading “What Atheists and Republican Strategists Have in Common.” one anonymous commenter took issue with my assumption that popular atheists try to act as philosophers. It's true that there are tough discussions that need to be had, but I think you give the average atheist - even the average outspoken atheist - too much credit. You're a bit too quick to discount the possibility that many atheists really don't have any philosophy because they've never had any curiosity about phi … [Read more...]

Throwing Ideas into the Arena

I've been in an extended commenting debate over at Debunking Christianity, after mentioning Loftus in my post yesterday talking about why a diversity of opinions isn't always a good thing.  I have a weakness for pugilistic rhetoric, which may have muddied my message slightly, so I'm reposting a comment I made there over here.  If you're interested, click here to read through the thread.A brief quote from my interlocutor (click above to read the whole thread, so I don't do him a disservice by … [Read more...]

What Atheists and Republican Strategists Have in Common

I recently wrote a post ("The Perils of Decentralized Philosophy") as a response to Friendly Atheist Hermant Mehta's attempt to limit the definition of humanism to exclude the gunman who attacked a school board.  I argued that atheists and humanists were hurt by a lack of community or sense of responsibility for other people who shared their beliefs.  Commenter March Hare took issue with my argument, saying: There is no need for atheists to band together in that way. It's not like when a Jew d … [Read more...]

The Perils of Decentralized Philosophy

Last week, a gunman opened fire during a school board meeting in Florida.  Luckily no one was hurt, but, naturally, the story got a lot of press coverage.  Although the crime had no religious component or motive, as far as anyone could tell, some news outlets reported on his religious views according to facebook: humanism.Hermant Mehta, of Friendly Atheist, took umbrage: Clay Duke was obviously not a Humanist — Humanists are not violent people.The Humanist Manifesto III states: Humans a … [Read more...]

Are People “Atheists First?”

I've been blogging about whether atheism as a community and what might tie it together for the past week or so, and a NYT article from a little while ago raised some more questions for me.  In an article titled "Obama Gains Evangelical Allies on Immigration" one Republican voter said: “I am a Christian and I am a conservative and I am a Republican, in that order,” said Matthew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a conservative religious law firm. “There is very little I agree wit … [Read more...]

Can There be an Atheist Agenda?

After I got into a disagreement about tactics with John Loftus of Debunking Christianity, I ended up in a discussion of what, if anything, an atheist agenda should consist of and whether atheists had anything at all in common beside their disbelief in God.First, the posts dealing directly with my dispute with LoftusWant to help write a book? -- Loftus solicits possible questions for a Christian apologist and I offer a few thoughts Why do atheists ask the boring questions? -- Loftus's q … [Read more...]