Why I Treat Atheism as a Team

There have been a number of interesting comments on my "Are Atheists a Side?" post from earlier this week, and, when I started to reply, I realized I'd need a new post to flesh out my response.  Since there have been a number of interesting discussions sparked over the past two weeks over how atheists should frame arguments, I've collected those posts into a series here.  As always, you can browse all post series under the Featured Series tab. March Hare wrote: Many (vocal) a … [Read more...]

Are Atheists a ‘Side?’

After reading through my disagreement with John Loftus over appropriate tactics for debunk religion, Dom had a few questions: If atheism, in and of itself, is a fairly slim and uninteresting belief (which, as an atheist, I think it is), and the interesting bit comes from the positive framework you build on top of your atheism, then what does it actually mean to talk about any atheist "side" to this debate that defines itself positively rather than negatively, as furthering an intellectual … [Read more...]

Why do atheists ask boring questions?

UPDATE: I've taken a second look at the language I used at the end of this post and revised it.  The revision and the reason are now present at the end of the post.There's an update on John Loftus's book of debates with a Christian scholar (I mentioned it before when he was soliciting possible topics on Debunking Christianity).  He's picked out the first six questions they'll be addressing, and I'm really disappointed with the one's he presumably picked as particularly winning points for a … [Read more...]