Desecration Follow-up: Considering the Context

I'm reprinting a comment Ebonmuse of Daylight Atheism made on my post criticizing P.Z. Myers in full here.  I thought it needed a response so I'm treating it as a semi-guest post.  Ebonmuse's comments are in the blockquote, my response appears below: To understand fully why PZ did what he did, you have to be aware of the context.In this case, the context was that a Florida college student, Webster Cook, who was raised Catholic, attended a Catholic mass on his campus, went to the altar to r … [Read more...]

My Problem with P.Z. Myers

Since I had some nice things to say about P.Z. Myers earlier this week, I didn’t want to post them without giving a quick overview of why I disapprove of his brand of sacrilegious confrontations. Myers takes pride in courting controversy. In his biggest stunt, he desecrated a consecrated wafer a student had smuggled out of a Catholic mass. To make it clear why I regard this kind of behavior as completely unacceptable, whether or not Catholic claims about the Host are true, consider this thought e … [Read more...]