Infinite Inaccuracy

From Dresden Codak's excellent Dungeons and Discourse

I spent the weekend at an alumni event for my college debating group.  In the wee hours of the morning, a fellow transhumanist and I were arguing with a rather tipsy post-modernist.  PoMo guy was arguing we couldn't justifiably wish to live forever or even to live too long, since, without death, there could be no need to leave a legacy after us, and, thus, the drive to create would be annihilated.  (If people are interested, I can write up my counterargument in a different post).As part o … [Read more...]

A bit of Pomp and Circumstance

Commencement bore little resemblance to this, but that's my only complaint I am now a Yale alum (and the hustle and bustle of move out and commencement is to blame for a lack of updates here or at my guestblogging gig at Daylight Atheism.  I should have actual content for you all tomorrow (and perhaps some reflections later in the week after seeing The Book of Mormon tonight with my family for a graduation present).  In the meantime, I hope I can placate you with some pictures fr … [Read more...]

7 Quick Papers (5/6/11)

--1-- I'm up late tonight writing my last college paper ever.  After I finish this paper by daybreak, I only have one final between me and graduation.  The final this afternoon (delivering an original speech for an Oratory seminar) is a fun last hurrah, but the paper is not quite as exciting: it's on methods of estimating infection rates for Hepatitis C.  I have gotten to write some more-interesting papers in college, though, so the rest of the Quick Takes are teasers of the ones I've loved, en … [Read more...]

It is Written!

I've just turned in my senior essay (which I glossed in a recent 7 Quick Takes) and I took some celebratory photos.  And yes, I did dress up for the occasion.Between finishing the essay, making it to church for the Triduum, and spending Easter Sunday with my boyfriend's extremely extended Italian family, there was no blogging this weekend.  I'll be posting a few last thoughts sparked by comments on recent posts tonight, and tomorrow I'll have some of my reactions and questions after Triduum s … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (3/15/11)

--1-- Turns out I'm pulling an all nighter with a problem set tonight, so this will be an extremely brief Quick Takes post.  If you're wondering why I'm so busy, look to yesterday's post for an explanation and add in the fact that my senior thesis is due only a little over a week.  YIKES.So this week, you're going to get links to the tabs I opened most recently in Chrome to reference in my essay.  And after I turn in this p-set and get a little more writing done, I promise to wade into the a … [Read more...]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's Bulldog Days -- the preview weekend for students admitted to Yale.  I'm busy all day chatting up the prefrosh (and hypothetically squeezing in some time for my senior thesis) so no post today until the Quick Takes go up around midnight.  I am going to try to catch up on some of your comments and questions, so watch the "Recent Comments" widget at right.If you have any questions about college or my studies, feel free to post them in this comments thread.  That is, if you still have any qu … [Read more...]

On Not Respecting Autonomy

This was more fun to use as an illustration of 'nudge' than Cass Sunstein's bookThis is part of a series of posts which tackles sexual ethics and debating strategies (but not at the same time)There's a (probably) apocryphal George Bernard Shaw story in which he approached an elegant woman at a party and asked, "Madam, would you go to bed with me for one hundred thousand pounds?"  She was stunned, but, after a moment's reflection said she would.  Shaw then asked her, "Madam, would you … [Read more...]