Living on a Prayer

I really want to reply to Alex Knapp, especially since he's already found the time to respond to Rust Belt Philosophy's critique of both me and Knapp, but I've been trying to prep for three exams, and two presentations all occurring in the space of two and a half day, so not so much on my end.I'm still not up to doing a big post on consequentialism, so I thought I'd share a little of my coursework to tide you over.  My epidemiology methods class read a well-known paper from 1999 called "A … [Read more...]

Ethics Case Study #2: Senior Gift

The last post I wrote about parts of my ethics that my friends label as 'Christian,' several commenters wrote in to take issue with the idea that Christians had a monopoly on that strand of moral thought.  I thought I'd run another example by you all, since my resolution to a  recent dilemma had my atheist friends snickering and saying, "You are such a Catholic!"So here's the situation: My university is in the middle of the drive for the Senior Class Gift and plenty of students disagree a … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (1/14/11)

School has begun so, for this week's Quick Takes, I'm listing the classes I'll be taking this semester.  I'm also in the Yale Daily News with a column on the value of shop classes (woodworking, glassblowing, etc). --1--The first class (and the only normal undergraduate class I'm taking) is Oratory in Statecraft.  The class is a mix of the history of oratory (starting with the Illiad) and a practical workshop in writing and delivering speeches.  I'm so excited; I've wanted to take the class s … [Read more...]

Two Debates that aren’t about Religion

Unfortunately, I won't have time to do an appropriate post for Unequally Yoked today, but I thought I'd mention two other debates I'm embroiled in:I've written a piece for the Huffington Post titled "Yale Daily News Wrong to Condemn Outrage in Response to Sexism."  The whole controversy started when frat pledges marched around campus chanting "No means YES!  Yes means ANAL!"  Here's a preview of my take: The YDN editorial board puts the onus of defusing the controversy on the people who we … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (9/10/10)

  --1-- This week I announced my revamped posting schedule for the blog, and the new series on the only religion I ever wished I could convert to will start on Sunday.In the meantime, I thought I'd use the 7 Quick Takes this week to give a rundown of what I get up to at school, especially as a belated apology/explanation for the sparse posts as school was kicking off. --2-- First things first.  I'm a senior political science major, and I'm also in a 5-year Masters program in Public … [Read more...]