7 Christmas Traditions

with nucleus, mitochondria, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, and lysosomes!

--- 1 --- Hullo all and Merry Christmas!  I'm home with my family, looking forward to Chinese food and a movie.  It seemed like a fun time to share some traditions of my atheist family Christmas. --- 2 --- On Christmas Eve, some folks read "Twas the Night before Christmas" aloud as a family.  At my parents' house, we read David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries (his essay about his job as an elf in Macy's Christmas wonderland).  We pass the book along in turns, or when someone is laughing … [Read more...]

Secret Santas on Christmas Day

I was going to post Tim Minchin's "White Wine in the Sun" for Christmas but I was a little abashed after reading No Forbidden Questions prediction that the song would show up on every atheist blog today.  It is a lovely song about a secular holiday, so feel free to click the link above or watch the video on any other atheist blog. But, as a bonus, I'll link you to a video at the New York Times that tells a heartwarming story of a couple that mysteriously recieved hundreds of letters … [Read more...]

“They might stuff you in a sack and take you to Spain”

My family's other Christmas Eve tradition is a reading of David Sedaris's The Santaland Diaries.   Sedaris is now a well-known comic essayist, but before he was published, he supported himself through a variety of odd jobs, including working as an elf in Macy's Santaland.  The story is a series of funny vignettes from his term of employment.  Some of them made their debut in 1992 on NPR.  You can still listen to the  original broadcast. When we go through it as a family, we take turns … [Read more...]