Clawing out of the Cesspool

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Thanks all for the mostly good behavior on the two preceding posts on queer issues.  I know I've got a fairly diverse audience, and it can be hard to negotiate different frames of reference without misinterpreting or even just taking offense at the wrong thing (and thereby missing the insult your sparring partner spent a while crafting!). After looking at comment thread in the last post, Adam Lee was pretty put off by what he termed the "cesspool of anti-gay hate" that bubbled up.  I can … [Read more...]

This Doesn’t Look Like a Victory to Me

Over in Patheos's Catholic channel, Thomas McDonald of God and the Machine has run into a couple problem commenters.  Specifically, the kind of atheist who think posting the following in a Christian combox is equivalent to counting coup: The creation story of your own religion involves a man created out of dust who is convinced by his rib-woman wife to eat a magical fruit because a talking snake told her that it would make them like gods. The universe as we know it took much longer than six … [Read more...]

Keeping a Civil Tongue

A couple comment threads have gotten a little nasty/unproductive lately, so I want to jump in and try to reestablish some expectations of productive dialogue.  Before I do, I want to give two bits of information up front. I don't censor comments and that's not changing.  I only delete comments that are spam unrelated to the site.  Google's overenthusiastic spam filter may delay your comment for a few hours, but I will always let it through once I get back to Blogger.  That means you're … [Read more...]