Happy Halloween from the Sun Summoner!

Just as an FYI, if any of y'all are local to DC, I'll be one of the five minute lightning talks at tonight's Hack and Tell meetup, to present on my Accelerometer Controlled Light Gauntlets.I had a lot of fun dressing up as Alina Starkov, the Sun Summoner, from Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising).The pattern for the jacket is McCall's M6818 (with the torso substantially lengthened so that it would reach my waist).The antler collar … [Read more...]

7QT: Reasonable Answers to Patently Crazy Questions

--- 1 --- My copy of Randall Munroe's What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions just arrived today, and I'm really looking forward to starting it tomorrow.  (I have an even more awesome book to finish first).  My appetite has certainly been whetted by the interview Munroe did with FiveThirtyEight:Walt Hickey: A whole set of “What Ifs?” touch on what it would be like to go to or return from space. The Curiosity rover also appears to be a recurring figure. How did yo … [Read more...]

“Seatbelts, everyone!”

As several of you guessed, this year I was Ms Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus for Halloween.  If you (sadly) aren't familiar with the PBS show and the tv show, here's the theme song and intro:Ms Frizzle's dress always matched the curriculum for that installment, so I've got a belt and sleeve trim made of streptococci bacteria that are being consumed by white blood cells.  There are red blood cells all over the dress, but some of them are ruptured and are spilling out the malaria p … [Read more...]

My Belt is being Phagocytosed!

This is the last in-progress Monday update for my Ms. Frizzle costume you'll get.  I've got to have the whole thing finished by this Saturday.  So, I spent most of Saturday drawing germs, tracing them onto interfacing, ironing the interfacing onto fabric, and then pinning and topstitching the appliques onto the dress.In case that was a little in the weeds, I'm drawing designs onto this kind of fabric:The interfacing gets ironed onto the pretty fabric to make it stronger and to keep it … [Read more...]

Stop, Drop, and Catch Fire

Oh dear.The dryad costume is not going well.  My inability to hand draft a corset meant I had to turn to a commercial pattern.  While I waited for it to arrive, I started working on the big branchy mask, only to find that I'd ordered the wrong gauge of wire, and this stuff was too weak to help my hair stand on end (even though this is the style my hair is normally most cooperative with!).So now I've got all my materials finally lined up, but very little accomplished.  It happens to be hi … [Read more...]

Costuming Collapse

This week, I was working on making a new muslin draft of my corset pattern for my Dryad costume.  Unfortunately, once again the fit was quite off, so the test fit pictures are NSFW.  With Halloween drawing on apace, I'm caving and looking for a commercial pattern this week.  While I wait for it to arrive, I'll start working on  the mask (since I only need to run to a hardware store to pick up wire).  Next week you should expect a mask draft (hopefully a complete one!) and the arrival of the patt … [Read more...]

Though it be but Little, it is Fierce

I'm still giving you Monday morning costuming updates, so I feel accountable to keep making progress.  This week I sewed together the muslin mockup for the corset.  Because fit is really important for this kind of bodice, you make a scratch copy of your pattern in muslin, so you don't waste your good fabric on a first draft.Good seamstresses make later drafts in fabric that more closely resembles what you're actually using, and insert boning and grommets, so it wears like the final garment.   … [Read more...]