A Crafty Weekend

I'm keeping myself on track to finish my Halloween costume by posting updates every Monday. This week I've transferred my pattern draft to tracing paper and then used it to cut out the pattern pieces for my muslin mockup. By next week's update, I'll have  pieced the muslin together and used it to make any corrections to the pattern (and hopefully start cutting the real fabric).How long did all this take?  About 125 minutes (the runtime of Captain America).But that's not the only craft pr … [Read more...]

Can you all help keep me honest?

There are less than two months til Halloween, and I'm pretty behind on costuming.  Last year I was a cyberpunk courier, and this year I'm planning to be a dryad.  Last year's costume was finished in a couple of hellish late nights, and I'd really like to avoid that fate this year.  Except I made a map using Freemind of everything I need to do and think about, and the results were sobering.So, would you all mind if I did a costuming progress post every Monday so you can shame me if I'm fa … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (5/4/12)

--- 1 --- As I announced earlier this week, the Ideological Turing Test is starting up again.  (This is the contest where Christians and atheists see how good they are at imitating each other).  I'll be asking for feedback on specific questions soon, but right now I'd love feedback on general logistics in the comment thread of the post linked above.  I think it's going to be super!  --- 2 --- As you may have inferred from my choice of words in that last Take, I went to see Avengers at … [Read more...]

Halloween Costuming

I really do shut down almost everything when Halloween comes around.  This is the first season in a while that I didn't pull a costuming all nighter (though most of my nights were 2am nights this week).  I'm a little zonked, so you'll get content-y posts tomorrow, but today you'll just get the photos that are brought to you by sleep deprivation and an entire rewatched season of Battlestar Galactica.  Voila!Confused about what I'm dressed as?  Perhaps this paragraph I had to write for faceb … [Read more...]

Nerdiness Olde and New

The Renaissance Faire this weekend was lovely.  I'm putting up two photos here, and I want to give credit where it's due.  I made my dress last summer using Butterick pattern B4571,  which was easy to follow.  I adapted the pattern for my boyfriend's surcoat from a tutorial on Corvus Tristis.  I got the insignia by googling "hufflepuff badger" until I found something I could trace.  Oh, and I only wish I could claim I had something to do with the armor in the picture at the end, but I bought that … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (11/19/10)

--1-- I may have a five hour problem set due at nine am, but that will have to wait, because tonight is......the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I'm off to the midnight showing.  With bells on. --2-- With the books done, and only one movie left, if you're looking for more Potter stories, you can't do better than Eliezer Yudowsky's ongoing story Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.  Yudowsky's story focuses on a version of Harry that was raised in a loving, s … [Read more...]

RCIA update and more!

I finally heard back from the priests in my parish, and I will not be allowed to attend RCIA classes, even for the inquiry period.  Instead, because there has been increased interest in RCIA from people like me, who want to know more but do not feel a call to convert, the church is setting up three lectures as part of a possibly ongoing series.  The lectures are supposed to provide information about Catholicism both to Catholics and non-Catholics.I'm a bit disappointed, especially because it … [Read more...]