Fun and Games with Minds and Brains

There have been a bunch of interesting comments already on my post on Mind/Brain division, so I'm pulling some out here to reply to in depth.dcb wrote I have to agree that this is a hard sell to me. I am not an atheist, so perhaps there is something big that I am missing, but if the physical basis for the you-program is lost, in what sense is the "ported" version still you? Sure, it might think it is you, but wouldn't that be basically a figment of its reconstructed imagination? This is … [Read more...]

Picking an Atheist’s Brain… er… Mind

Over at The Warfare is Mental, blogger cl was perplexed by a recent comment of Luke's at Common Sense Atheism.  Luke wrote: What tools do you use when you think philosophically about God or morality or other subjects? Among other tools, you use your mind. Knowing how the mind works can help you do philosophy better, just as knowing how a camera works can make you a better photographer. Prompting cl to ask: If you are an atheist, do you think it’s accurate to use the term mind? I understand th … [Read more...]