Questions for Atheists: Why is there Regularity/Law in Nature?

This is part of a series of posts answering Michael Egnor's eight questions for atheists.  I am taking the questions out of order, as suits my fancy, but you can see all questions and my responses here.I can default to the standard atheist response to this question and reply that the probability of regularity in nature, conditional on my own existence as a living conscious creature is one, but I'd like to go into a little more detail on why I believe that is true.Go ahead.  Try to im … [Read more...]

Eight Questions for Atheists

The Discovery Institute's Michael Egnor has posted eight questions as a challenge to New Atheists.  I've been a little overwhelmed for the past two weeks in rehearsals for the production of Iolanthe I'm co-directing, so I'm going to adopt these questions as a new posting sequence while I'm in rehearsal, and I'll be answering the questions out of order, depending on how much time I have each day. Eight Questions for AtheistsWhy is there anything? What caused the Universe? (plus bonus … [Read more...]