This Atheist Activism Failure Might Actually be a Win for Skepticism

Over at Friendly Atheist, Paul Fidalgo of the Center for Inquiry has posted an open letter to imprisoned activist Alexander Aan that doubles as a rebuke to the skeptic/atheist/freethought community.  A month long drive to get 25,000 signatures on a petition failed. We were not asking for money, we were not asking anyone to travel, or march, or even write anything. All we were asking was the click of a few buttons. Why so many thousands could not be bothered to weather whatever … [Read more...]

Opening Myself to Sin

This is the first post in a series on immorality.  Posting on this topic will continue every day this week.Whenever my boyfriend and I are walking in New Haven, he always gives something to any homeless person we come across.  He stops and talks to the people we run into, apologizes if he's not carrying cash, and tries to make it up to them later.I never do.  I believe that I do more good in giving to organizations than individuals, especially when those organizations can focus both on sh … [Read more...]