Radical Skepticism is Delusional

I had a lovely weekend arguing with undergraduates and alumni at my debating group's annual alumni banquet.  And there was one argument in particular that seems relevant to the topic of this blog.  Over dinner, one alum was talking about his upbringing in a Christian Science church and was summarizing their bizarre theology.Essentially, Christian Scientists think all evil is delusion.  God created a perfect world, and we must resist any illusion that suggest to us that the world is flawed.  T … [Read more...]

All the interesting values are univeral values

I was baffled by the New York Times's article on vegan weddings that revealed many vegans opted to serve meat at their wedding receptions.  The article dwelt on the question of whether the vegans and vegitarians ought to serve meat despite their own preferences.  Guests who were not placated with meat tended to be quite upset. When Patrick Moore, a salesman from Attleboro, Mass., arrived at an old friend’s wedding in 1999 to discover nothing but vegetarian options, he made an excuse about leav … [Read more...]