Maundy Thursday Problems Again

As I explained last year, Maundy Thursday is the day I feel least comfortable attending Mass: I don’t like to be beholden to anyone.  I don’t like accepting a favor from someone I have no way of repaying or being indebted to someone I don’t know and may not like. I frustrated my boyfriend for more than half a year by never taking food from the post-Mass receptions the campus church hosted. In my mind, the food was for people who had bought in, and it would be inappropriate to benefit from the Ch … [Read more...]

When Men Treat Men Like Men Treat Women

This post is part of a debate on gay marriage.  I'm responding to Matt's post on gay marriage and deep friendship, and this is the second part of my three-part rebuttal.Matt is worried that acknowledgement of same-sex attraction will warp intense same-sex friendships, even in a world where homosexuality isn’t stigmatized. He’s probably right that it will change guy-guy dynamics, so I’d like to talk a bit about why men have been able to isolate themselves from this danger in the past. … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (1/13/12)

--- 1 --- I bought girl scout cookies from a coworker this week, and now I'm wishing I had sprung for more than two boxes of Thin Mints.  You see, the Girl Scouts allowed a biologically male seven year old who identifies as a girl to join up, and now there's a proposed boycott.  Good for them for letting the kid in, and, have you ever heard a sweeter LGBT activism pitch than eat cookies for change?I was a Daisy and a Brownie, and I found the Girl Scouts mostly boring.  Instead of building ch … [Read more...]

The Matriarchy Trap

Kate Bolick's cover story for The Atlantic on living with the poor marriage prospects for women ("All the Single Ladies") prompted a lot of comment, but I thought Lea Halim had the most thought-provoking response in National Review ("Why Not Matriarchy?").   I'm going to summarize and quote to be able to comment, but do yourself a favor and read her piece in full.  Now, here’s the pull-quote: In a caricature patriarchal society, men have all the earning power, determine the structure of both the … [Read more...]

Bringing a Stat Book to a Culture Fight

Comments are still a little bit in flux here.  Because Disqus was causing problems, it's been stripped off and we're back to plain old wordpress comments until things get sorted out.  On the plus side, this means that all the previously vanished comments are back!Oh, and speaking of comments, today I want to point you to a conversation that's going on over at Marc's Bad Catholic blog here at Patheos.  Marc wrote a post called "10 Reason the Pill Sucks" and, although I disagree with several of … [Read more...]

Worlds We’re Not Having Sex In

There was a lot of backlash to my Soup Nazi Approach to Sexuality post and the responsibility vs. culpability follow-up. So now it’s time to address the gender-related objections and questions. The gist of the comments was that I was unfairly/arbitrarily letting the woman have all the power in the choice of whether to have an orphan, an abortion, or raise a child (the three options for dealing with a pregnancy).I was accused both of being anti-feminist and perpetuating sexism by treating w … [Read more...]

Sexual Responsibility and Culpability

Looking through the comments thread for “Soup Nazi Approach to Sex” it looks like there were two major subtypes of disagreement with my post. Many commenters wanted to know why men should bear responsibility for a pregnancy when women can make unilateral decisions about whether to bring a child to term. They accused me of enforcing a sexist double standard. I’ll try and get to that topic tomorrow.What I want to address today is the way we conceive of responsibility and culpability for both gende … [Read more...]