Why Won’t You Argue What I Know You Believe?

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Yvain has been reading Feser's The Last Superstition, and he has an excellent gloss of one of Feser's main points: Feser's argument is that most atheists arguing with Christians are pretty much the equivalent of a Calvinist going up to a Hindu saying "Look! John Calvin's writings totally oppose abortion! Why can't you see that?!". And then when the Hindu isn't convinced, the Calvinist gets angry and says "Any reasonable person could see that John Calvin opposes abortion. Therefore, you must … [Read more...]

The Privation-Perfection Problem


In Edward Feser's The Last Superstition he goes through the argument that some Unmoved Mover (called God) must exist, to be the cause of all perfections, must embody all perfections.  In brief, in order to be the cause of some quality, the causal agent must either possess it explicitly (red paint is red and can make other things red) or have the property of being able to cause it (morphine isn't sleepy, but it's nature is to induce sleepiness).  In the passage below, Feser is explaining why … [Read more...]

It’s Hard Out Here for a Platonist

Alex Knapp took issue with my quasi-Platonism (and possible math idolatry) over at his tech blog for Forbes.  Here's the crux of his argument: The bottom line is that human beings have brains capable of counting to high numbers and manipulating them, so we use mathematics as a useful tool to describe the world around us. But numbers and math themselves are no more real than the color blue – ‘blue’ is just what we tag a certain wavelength of light because of the way we perceive that … [Read more...]