How do you pick a teacher?

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a term for people who are too ignorant to recognize that they are mistaken. If you work in politics or public health, it's easy to feel as though these people are everywhere, but it is possible for most of us to spot people or systems which are better at making certain judgements than we are. And if we find one, it's rational to defer to its decisions.This is essentially the kind of system G.K. Chesterton claimed Catholicism to be when he declared it to be a … [Read more...]

Adoration and Abramovic

Due to a convoluted sequence of events,  I spent about half an hour in an Adoration chapel last night.  For the non-Catholics, Eucharistic Adoration is the act of spending time in a chapel with a consecrated communion wafer, believed to be the real presence of Jesus Christ.  A friend had felt a calling that I should go, and since I could spare the time and didn't want to be accused of being a bad sport, I went along.  (Not to keep you in suspense: I was not converted).The time in the chapel r … [Read more...]

Talking to a Mormon Missionary

The Mormon Church runs a 24-hour live chat with missionaries at  I found out about this service since screenshots of their chats frequently appear on The Art of Trolling, a blog that curates internet based pranks, some of which are not safe for work.I figured that the Mormon Church, which puts a heavy emphasis on conversions and is fairly successful in its efforts was worth talking to, so I logged on to ask my most basic question for theists: Do you think the evidence for your … [Read more...]