Don’t Let Social Science Raise Your Children (debating Justin Martytr)

It's finally time to return to my argument with Justin Martyr over procreation policy.  [Quick recap of the story so far: Justin was debating gay marriage, I butted in, Justin responded (twice), I answered his challenge, he responded.  Though you can certainly follow along by clicking only those last two links.]My procreation rubricThe last time we spoke, I was outlining why I though four hypothetical possible procreation plans were moral or immoral.  Using my responses, Justin ge … [Read more...]

Quick Update on Justin Martyr and Gay Marriage

I quite appreciate how quickly he responded to the questions I raised in my last post.  (I'll also confess to being totally envious of how quick his post-turnaround-time is.  Meanwhile, I've got a stack of epidemiology homework sitting by the computer looking at me plaintively).  I'll be responding sometime later today, but in the meantime, head on over and check out his responses:Pinging Leah Part 1: Justin responds to my questions on adoption and my free rider argument. "I think the free r … [Read more...]

Poking my nose into Justin Martyr’s gay marriage debate

Reading over Justin Martyr’s debate over the morality of gay marriage with Larry of Rust Belt Philosophy, I think I’ve managed to come up with the single least catchy talking point on the topic of gay marriage:All we’re really debating is how to handle a free rider problem for a government benefit.Doesn’t exactly sound media-ready, I guess, but it seems like an accurate sum up of the issue.Civil marriage exists, as do most government programs, to change the incentives associated with … [Read more...]

Do we care too much about marriage?

This post is the last in a series on gay marriage.  Check out all posts in this series at the gay marriage index.Senior year is a time of grad school applications, final papers, and secret betting pools on what couples will split up. Senior year is a minefield for pairs, since most seniors in relationships are carefully trying to avoid too much discussion of where they’ll be next year. Friends are quick to speculate about whether he’ll regret it if he gives up that fellowship so he can live n … [Read more...]

Do we care too little about marriage?

This post is part of a series about gay marriage. You can browse all posts in this series at its indexI’m not a quite a language prescriptivist, but I share with my conservative friends a certain propensity to get short-tempered with radical redefinitions (a word to the wise: once you hear the phrase “Words have meaning!” escape my lips, you have about 30 seconds to detonation).So perhaps the couples in the articles below should consider themselves on notice.'Sugarbabe' favors negot … [Read more...]

Restricting Rhetoric, Mosques, and Gays

This post is part of a series on the politics and philosophy that underlie the fight over gay marriage.  You can see all the posts in this series at the gay marriage index.As the fight over the proposed Cordoba House mosque near Ground Zero has heated up, conservative Christians across the county are using this story to gin up support to block construction of mosques across the nation, regardless of their proximity to NYC. Anti-mosque activists, struggling to explain why Islam alone should … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage Index

In August 2010, in the wake of Judge Walker's decision to strike down California's Proposition 8 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, I ran a series of posts on gay marriage. Why Should Atheists Get Married? - Should the state only administer civil unions? And why would atheists ever value marriage anyway? Restricting Rhetoric, Mosques, and Gays - What kind of religious arguments should be allowed in public discourse? Natural Moral Theory is Bunk - Why I don't buy the Catholic logic … [Read more...]