Daylight Atheism Guestblogging [Index Post]

In May of 2011, I did a stint guestblogging at Daylight Atheism, while Adam Lee went on vacation.  The individual posts are listed below, and you can browse all of them hereThe Rapture of Charlie Sheen - As Howard Camping's predicted rapture approached, atheists made sport of his delusion.  Is there any point where a belief so obviously false that mocking its adherents is abusive?  At what point is a false belief and resistance to reason indistinguishable from mental incompetence? Whom Sho … [Read more...]

You Call That Religion?

One (possibly last) guest post at Daylight Atheism.  This one is also inspired by The Book of Mormon and is focused on how the diffuse, unrooted idea of religion that emerges in Mormon and is praised by reviewers ought to be opposed by atheists as well as fundamentalists.My last day for guestblogging is tomorrow, so please comment if there's a topic you think I should be sure to cover for Daylight Atheism's large (but mostly pissed off with me) audience. You Call That Religion? The … [Read more...]

The Mormon Test

Another day, another post at Daylight Atheism (and jeez oh man have I been catching flack in the comments sections).  Today's post tries to give an example of the kind of challenging but not condescending conversations with Christians I've been trying to sell the commentariat on.  This one's inspired by seeing The Book of Mormon, but is focused on talking to non-Mormon Christians.  If you want something more focused on talking to Mormons, click back to my dialogue with Mormon e-missionaries.  S … [Read more...]

Adapt or Die

One last post at Daylight Atheism about whether it does atheists good to take a condescending, mocking tone when talking to Christians.  (Spoiler alert: I still think it's bad strategy and bad for you).  This is the last one I'm doing there trying to call out bad tactics; the next one will be a strategy for questioning Christians that was inspired by seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway.  So here's my last shot: Adapt or Die[I]f Christians have been criticized before, why do we expect it wi … [Read more...]

Whom Should We Mock?

I've got another guest post up at Daylight Atheism today about when, if ever, it's worth it for atheists to take a mocking, contemptuous tone when trying to deconvert Christians.  This essay was sparked by the many dissents to my last post at Daylight Atheism urging people to tone down the contempt for Harold Camping. Whom Should We Mock?John Loftus and PZ Myers take an extremely confrontational, contemptuous tone towards Christians, and they've caught a lot of flack, both from a … [Read more...]

Guest Blogging Update!

Adam, the admin of Daylight Atheism is on vacation for his anniversary this week, and I'm one of the team of guest bloggers.  I'll update here whenever I post over there for the week, and any substantive comments should be left on Daylight Atheism proper.  I'm quite looking forward to the opportunity.  (And don't worry, there will still be follow up on the conversation about hatred and negative emotions soon).So here's the first post, a take on the widespread interest in th … [Read more...]