Here there be Dragons [Reply to JT]

 So, JT asked: 3. You undoubtedly have a logical proof of some sort for a moral lawgiver. What is it? No, I definitely don't have a modus tollens, modus ponens style justification for my new position. I didn't have one for my old position, and I doubt JT's got one for his metaphysics.  As the name suggests, metaphysics are hard to test.So I end up approaching the problem from both sides.  I look for things I'm really confident in or that I'm willing to presuppose (e.g. other minds … [Read more...]

High Energy Theoretical Ethics

Joel Marks has written an essay for The New York Times Opinionator page titled "Confessions of an Ex-Moralist."  The title alone was a clue this piece would raise my hackles, and it turned out to be an explanation of why atheism requires rejecting moral imperatives.  By an atheist!There's a lot to take issue with, but today I want to focus on one small point in contention.  Marks makes a division between normative ethics, which, he says, focus on the origin of morality a la Pl … [Read more...]