No Victimless Sins?

When I wrote about my dilemma on how to deal with an Orthodox Jewish girl trying to keep the Sabbath in "A Duty to Disclose?" earlier this week, I was trying to use the post to build up to a bigger question that I've been wrestling with.  I felt like I had seriously erred when I behaved spitefully, even though the target of my ire was not aware of my nastiness, and I didn't believe she would come to any real harm as the result of my actions.After I wrote a post about the Christian ideal of r … [Read more...]

Dirty Hands and Drone Strikes

This post is one in a series on sin and immortality.  You can read the entire series of linked posts here.During the Vietnam war, the Army was responsible for training new draftees for combat.  Recruits were trained to aim their guns by practicing with bulls-eye shaped targets.  Although the men met the standards for marksmanship in training, when they went abroad, only about 20 percent fired their guns in combat, even when they were under fire.Although the men were technically pr … [Read more...]

“Here I Am, Dressing up as Christ”

 C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity was the first apologetic work I read, and two elements immediately rang absolutely true to me.  The first is Lewis's defense of an absolute morality (a law written on the hearts of Men) that is neither evolutionarily or culturally contingent.I am mostly in agreement with Lewis's treatment of absolute morality (particularly his comment that the Law of Human Nature belongs, like mathematics to the class of real truths).  I have frequently found that the … [Read more...]