Remember that chat we had about Nazi analogies?

The post was "It’s hard for me to hear you over the sound of your Nazi analogies" and the comment thread was... err... frustrating, so I'm not advising you revive it.  But there's been a positive development: Mark Shea has decided to stop using the phrase "gay brownshirts" (with more comment from him here). We didn't exactly come to consensus (he and I still definitely disagree on whether the comparison is accurate), but we can pretty much agree it does bupkis for dialogue.  I want to … [Read more...]

When Moral Hazard is the Safest Course

Patheos blogger Thomas McDonald of God and the Machine is horrified by the FDA's recommendation to approve Truvada (an antiretroviral cocktail) as preventative treatment for HIV.  When people use the prophylactic regime, their chances of contracting HIV are reduced by 50-75%.  As far as I can tell, these are the 'actual use' numbers.  With perfect use, the chance of infection goes down to pretty much zero.  This is why, in affluent countries with good health care services, there's virtually … [Read more...]

Winning a Moral Arms Race?

The first person to comment on my post about The Hunger Games and not seeing gifts as debts had a pragmatic concern: I don’t see this as moral progress. If more people would see a sacrifice as a debt the world would be a better place. I've got a (richly deserved) reputation as a not-so-soft paternalist when it comes to social policy, so I'm sympathetic to this critique.  Isn't there a benefit to chafing under a debt insofar as it spurs us on to better acts?  How is this kind of inducement … [Read more...]