This Doesn’t Look Like a Victory to Me

Over in Patheos's Catholic channel, Thomas McDonald of God and the Machine has run into a couple problem commenters.  Specifically, the kind of atheist who think posting the following in a Christian combox is equivalent to counting coup: The creation story of your own religion involves a man created out of dust who is convinced by his rib-woman wife to eat a magical fruit because a talking snake told her that it would make them like gods. The universe as we know it took much longer than six … [Read more...]

Are Atheists a ‘Side?’

After reading through my disagreement with John Loftus over appropriate tactics for debunk religion, Dom had a few questions: If atheism, in and of itself, is a fairly slim and uninteresting belief (which, as an atheist, I think it is), and the interesting bit comes from the positive framework you build on top of your atheism, then what does it actually mean to talk about any atheist "side" to this debate that defines itself positively rather than negatively, as furthering an intellectual … [Read more...]

My Problem with Loftus (Part 2)

This is continued from a discussion I am having with John Loftus of Debunking Christianity.  It may be easier to understand if you read part 1 and/or the post that prompted the discussion first.Atheism, at its most basic, is boring. It is the claim that no God(s) exist. It’s an assertion I believe to be true and, given the state of the world I live in, one that I believe it is important to assert. But, taken in isolation, it’s a very dull point.  My unbelief in God doesn’t tell you anything a … [Read more...]