I Assign You Reading!

(Don't worry, it's short).I've really appreciated all the reading suggestions that you've made which culminated in the List of Doom and the more manageable shortlist.  I'm going to keep writing about my reactions to the the books you recommended, and tomorrow I'll be writing about G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy.The trouble is, that as I started drafting, I knew I wanted to reference an idea that I'm not sure is in the common parlance.  'Metaphysical backsliding' doesn't have a Wikipedia p … [Read more...]

As sure as I am of anything

This is the third post in a series about math and morality. Read about the uses and abuses of abstraction and metaphysics in the first two postsLong before I tried to find a way to justify that my belief in morality in some way corresponded with absolute truth, I found myself in the traditional freshman-in-intro-philosophy-class discussions at summer camp. “How do you know that any of this is real?” we would ask each other. “Surely the labels we assign to our sense perceptions are somew … [Read more...]