Tuesday is Science Section Day

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I've been wrapped up finishing the final exams/programming assignments for the distance learning classes I've been taking from Stanford on Machine Learning and AI.  If you want to register to take any of the Spring offerings, you can check the listings here (scroll to the bottom).  Anyway, it's left me in a mood for some science sniping.I'm coming down on the side of Marc from Bad Catholic when he complains about the overhyped claims of scientists (but mostly … [Read more...]

God Can’t Prove Much to Puny Mortals

Over in the comment thread of last week's post on standards of proof for miracles, P. Coyle and Iota have been hashing out the classic argument that a truly unambiguous miracle would be a blow against our free will, forcing us to believe in God.  I want to walk through and discuss their positions, since this is a common Christian contention (and because it's going to set me up perfectly for a Harry Potter fanfiction reference in today's Sunday's Good Book post).  Everyone's comments have been tri … [Read more...]

Miracles Case Study

As a follow-up to this morning's post about miracles and skepticism, I wanted to share an example of an extraordinary evidence that is hard to account for.  According to a video released online, China recently appeared to have two suns overhead.  Scifi site io9 asked a few astronomers to make sense of the data, but the scientists were semibaffled.  One scientist said: "This is not a common optical phenomenon that we're seeing here. I'm asking myself if this is an artifact of the lens, but if th … [Read more...]

Show Me a Miracle Marvelous Rare

Many Christians or religious people of any faith tradition, argue that miracles are compelling evidence for the truth of their religion.  There are plenty of atheist rejoinders -- the most obvious is that many religions claim the evidence of miracles.  Either miracles are the result of natural processes or delusions, which are plausible enough to fool a wide variety of people, or there is some kind of supernatural force, but good luck linking it to any single religion.Telling the difference b … [Read more...]