“Love Unconcerned with Being Returned”


So far, when I've used Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator to pick a saint to learn about and from for the month, I've mostly pulled saints I hadn't heard of before, from times and places that are very far from me.  Today, when I visited her randomizer, it spun up a saint I already love very much: Saint Maximilian Kolbe.I think the first time I heard of him was in RCIA (people in the class were supposed to pick out and present lives of various saints at each class), and I had the same kind of … [Read more...]

For Now We Kill As Through A Glass, Darkly


Meanwhile. over at AmCon, I have a piece on the botched execution in Ohio, where the error not have been inflicting pain, but in failing to hide that suffering from the spectators.  Here's a teaser: There’s no mystery as to why Ohio found itself running low on the traditional three-drug lethal injections. Many of the components of the cocktail are manufactured outside the United States and several international companies have refused to allow their drugs to be shipped to the United States if the … [Read more...]

Now we shoot through a screen, darkly

b17-flying-fortress (1)

Via Mark Shea, Time has a lovely story about a German pilot who couldn't find it in his heart to shoot down a crippled American bomber during World War II. As Stigler's fighter rose to meet the bomber, he decided to attack it from behind. He climbed behind the sputtering bomber, squinted into his gun sight and placed his hand on the trigger. He was about to fire when he hesitated. Stigler was baffled. No one in the bomber fired at him.He looked closer at the tail gunner. He was still, his … [Read more...]

Why Won’t Candidates Run on This Life Issue?

This week, as part of Election Month at Patheos, the prompt for bloggers is: What are the key issues at stake in this election for people of your tradition?Well, I suppose I should start by disclaimering that I am not a canon lawyer, and this is not Official Catholic Advice.  But, hey, at least the issue I'm going to talk about is non-partisan.  And that's the worse part; as the last foreign policy debate showed, callousness to human life, provided it's that of the enemy (or people living in … [Read more...]

Know Your Enemy

I've been introducing one of my housemates to Battlestar Galactica and we got into an argument about whether it's acceptable to root for the Cylons or specific Cylons.  Luckily for blog readers you don't watch BSG (shame on you), this spilled over into a more general argument about what qualifies an individual as an enemy.I don't think there are any humans about which you can exuberantly say delenda est - that which must be destroyed.  There are times when lethal force or imprisonment is the … [Read more...]

Unarmed Prophets Stuck in a Chinese Room

I received a comped copy of Alone with a Jihadist through Speakeasy.Aaron Taylor spent seven hours arguing with Irish convert to Islam Khalid Kelly as part of a documentary called Holy Wars.   After the debate was over, he was troubled by Kelly's conflation of religion and the state and endorsement of war as evangelization.  This book lays out his pacifistic theology.When I signed up to review this book, I though more of it would be focused on the debate itself, but the confrontation … [Read more...]

If you can’t take the heat, turn into a tardigrade!

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" is a quote that is frequently attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt (without sourcing). I found it for the first time while I was in middle school in a Dear Abby column and adopted it as a mantra until some point in college.  This can be a helpful coping strategy, especially in middle school, but I was definitely too enthused about it.I flashed back to my younger self when I read Ted Seeber's comment on my post about the campaign against Jen … [Read more...]