On Doxologies, the Kingdom, and the Oxford Comma

A friend of mine (who you may have seen on this blog as squelchtoad) posed a delightful question on facebook: The doxology at the end of the Lord's prayer is often written "For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory." Is it meant to mean "the kingdom, the power, and the glory" or is "the power and the glory" an epithet for "the kingdom"? Catholics don't incorporate this doxology into the end of the Lord's Prayer (though, in the post Vatican II Mass, the laity say it as a separate thing … [Read more...]

Sic ’em (politely and constructively)!

Tony Jones blogs for Patheos at Theoblogy and he's put out an open call for tough questions for Christians. Quoth he: I’m not afraid of doubt. I, myself, am a doubter. But I consider a large part of my vocation as a Christian theologian to proffer intellectually honest answers to the big questions of faith.So this series is for everyone who doubts. It’s for your friends who are agnostic and atheistic. It’s a place for them to email me a question, and get an honest answer — even if the answer … [Read more...]

My Computer’s in the Shop. Guest posts ahoy!

Alas, my computer just started what I'm told will be a week long vacation at Microcenter.  I'm still borrowing computer time with my housemates, so posting will slow but it won't stop.  (Spelling may suffer a little, since I find it really difficult to type on a Mac-style chiclet keyboard).  I will be prioritizing setting up logistics for the upcoming Turing Test over keeping up daily posts, so if commenters have always longed to address my readers, now's the time to consider emailing me to pr … [Read more...]

A meal plus an extended argument? Seders are the best!

Last night, my housemates and I threw a by-the-seat-of-our-pants Seder.  It's the first one I've ever been to (assuming watching Shari Lewis's on TV didn't count).  And plenty of it was un-orthodox (small o) starting with what we had standing in for a lamb shank on the Seder plate.Our Seder party was about evenly split between Christians and Jews, and the Christians tended to be more theistic than some of the Jews, which prompted the following (paraphrased) exchange between the Seder leader a … [Read more...]

Two Questions for Christian Readers

Remember you can vote once per day for the About.com Atheism Awards.  I’m one of five nominees for Best Atheist Blog.  More details here.Two atheist blogs in my RSS reader posted open questions for Christians, and since the the Christian commenters here play nice with others nearly all the time, I'd love to dispatch you to take a crack at them.First up, John Loftus, a minister turned atheist and the author of Why I Became an Atheist and The End of Christianity.  Over at Debunking Chri … [Read more...]

Moral Intuitions Quiz: Lobotomized Meat

Remember you can vote once per day for the About.com Atheism Awards.  I'm one of five nominees for Best Atheist Blog.  More details here.Via the Daily Dish, André Ford, a student in the architecture department at the Royal College of Art came up with a kind of grotesque final project for a class focusing on "how a dense and vertical architecture can bring back food production and consumption in the city." Ford designed an apparatus that would give a whole new definition to the phrase "f … [Read more...]

Marriage Q&A

Now that the gay marriage debate with Matt has come to an end, I'd like to give you commenters a chance to ask me any questions about my position on marriage and its ties to tradition and the State.  Basically the same thing we did after the post on bisexuality.  I can't promise I'll get to all of them, but I can guarantee I'm not going to be able to pick all of the questions addressed to me (as opposed to other commenters or hypothetical, possibly-made-of-straw atheists) out of the growing c … [Read more...]