Coming Out (and at ’em)

(UPDATE: It looks like some of you have questions about bisexuality.  Feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll answer them in tomorrow's post)Today is National Coming Out Day (the link goes to Lambda Legal, not HRC, since Lambda puts donations to work on activism and HRC throws party for legislators without much to show for it). That makes today a good day to mention that I’m bisexual to any new readers I’ve picked up here at Patheos.I mention it because, when you write a blog abou … [Read more...]

Recursing on the Trinity

In a recent RCIA class, the lecturer was going over the concept of the Trinity and mentioned this doctrine was often the target of attempted atheist debunking. According to him, atheists latch onto 3 != 1 as proof that Christianity is riddled with irrationality. He then offered a riposte to this objection and moved on with the explanation.I feel obligated to point out that the 3 != 1 is not the true rejection of any atheist I know. There are a lot of other beliefs that the Trinity is … [Read more...]

Natural Death Black Boxes

I warned commenters against turning the Soup Nazi Approach to Sex post into an abortion debate. Any free-ranging discussion of abortion tends to fail; I've only had productive conversations when I spend a lot of time narrowing the focus of a conversation and screening off anything else. I’m not surprised to see the discussion that broke out entering a tailspin, but I think there’s something to be gleaned from the wreckage.I’m certainly not recapping the whole thread, so I picked the quote bel … [Read more...]

Put Your Money Where Your Marriage Is

After New York legalized gay marriage Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler posted the following message to twitter (h/t Daylight Atheism): Now, fully 1 in 9 Americans will live in a state with legalized same-sex marriage. Our mission field is getting more complicated. Adam of Daylight Atheism offered his own gloss on this pronouncement, I’ve got a different hypothesis that requires some feedback by any opposed-to-gay marriage readers. First off, here’s what Adam wro … [Read more...]

Guestblogging Challenge: Take the Ideological Turing Test!

UPDATE: Two Christians have contacted me to tell me they're interested.  Please suggest format ideas for us to talk over and let me know if you'd like to join in!While picking a fight with Paul Krugman, Bryan Caplan came up with an interesting idea. Both Caplan and Krugman thought that, on average, their own side of the libertarian/liberal split had done a better job considering the other side’s ideas before rejecting them. Inspired by the Turing Test for machine intelligence*, Caplan pr … [Read more...]

Guest Posting and a New Year’s Challenge

Two exciting new developments for this interholiday week:Early on in the Eight Questions series, three commenters got into a long, detailed arguments about why there is regularity or law in nature and how well equipped humans are to detect order in the first place.  They're at 91 comments and counting, but I imagine the discussion slipped off the radar of most readers.  Therefore, after January first, I'll be kicking off the new year with guest posts from Eli, Lukas, and possibly March Hare. … [Read more...]

Questions for an apologist?

Logos, a Christian magazine on campus is offering students the option to write in and have questions answered by Dr. Ravi Zacharias, an apologist and preacher.The deadline for sending in questions is tomorrow night, and I'm not sure what I want to ask.  I have plenty of questions about the internal coherence of Christianity, and I'm interested in the answers, but I'm not an atheist because I think some parts of Christianity are in tension with each other.  The internal consistency is only a p … [Read more...]