Here’s your job. Don’t get too comfortable.

I really enjoyed the article in Jacobin Magazine on the hidden (and harmful) assumption of the exhortation to Do What You Love, and I've expanded a little on their analysis for AmCon.  You also may get a sense of one way I was ill-suited to San Francisco culture (aside from not enjoying being relaxed).  Here's a teaser from my essay: "Don't Love Your Job. Love People" Instead of going out into the world and building the rest of their lives, employees are encouraged to find a way to adapt their j … [Read more...]

For Now We Kill As Through A Glass, Darkly

Meanwhile. over at AmCon, I have a piece on the botched execution in Ohio, where the error not have been inflicting pain, but in failing to hide that suffering from the spectators.  Here's a teaser: There’s no mystery as to why Ohio found itself running low on the traditional three-drug lethal injections. Many of the components of the cocktail are manufactured outside the United States and several international companies have refused to allow their drugs to be shipped to the United States if the … [Read more...]

Lies, Spies, and Soft Paternalists

I've wrapped up my second week at my new job, and I wanted to give you guys links and précis* of the pieces I've been writing over there.  A Guide to Lies, Significant Lies, and Statistics Yup, only waited til post number two to start being aggressively nerdy at the new gig. Ultimately, the peer-reviewed journal system is, to paraphrase Churchill, the worst approach to understanding the world, except for all the others that have been tried. When we make an idol of empiricism, any … [Read more...]

A Binder Full of Women in Every Pot!

I tend to watch the debates with Twitter and Facebook open.  When both candidates are committed to not answering the question asked, my temper gets short, and I need the snarky tweets of Tristyn to be able to go on without hitting something.  So I saw the memification of "binders full of women" play out in real time, and I was ticked off.If you care to pop over to The Huffington Post, I have a piece up praising the actual content of Romney's answer: There are a lot of things about Romney I d … [Read more...]

I’m at First Things today!

Remember the post last week on careers and hookup culture where I eschewed punny titles in favor of non-verbal rage?  Well, I've expanded on some of those ideas and picked up a few new digressions in an essay for First Things's On the Square feature.  My essay is titled "The Sad Secular Monks" and here's a teaser quote: After graduation from college, young adults lose their deadlines. We stop making transitions as a cohort, and are expected to figure out when new stages of life begin on our ow … [Read more...]

Daylight Atheism Guestblogging [Index Post]

In May of 2011, I did a stint guestblogging at Daylight Atheism, while Adam Lee went on vacation.  The individual posts are listed below, and you can browse all of them hereThe Rapture of Charlie Sheen - As Howard Camping's predicted rapture approached, atheists made sport of his delusion.  Is there any point where a belief so obviously false that mocking its adherents is abusive?  At what point is a false belief and resistance to reason indistinguishable from mental incompetence? Whom Sho … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes (2/8/11)

--1-- Last week, I mentioned in my quick takes that I was going to see an ex-gay speaker who came to visit campus.  There's been a big backlash on campus, so I've been posting about my reaction with a news roundup, a brief defense of the speaker, and an example of (perhaps inadvertently) hurtful rhetoric.  Today, the first real defense of the talk came out in The Yale Daily News, so I'm linking it here and I'm adding it to the first news roundup page. --2-- And speaking of the YDN, I don't al … [Read more...]