Say a Little Prayer for Me?

CL of The Warfare is Mental posed a couple of questions about being prayed for this week, and, since my opinions on the matter have changed substantially in the past few years, I want to have a crack at them.  He asked:Has anybody ever told you that they were praying for you? If so, do you know why they were? Regardless of 2, how did this make you feel, and why? What do you think of people who tell other people they were praying for them? Is your opinion always X or Y, or, does your … [Read more...]

Living on a Prayer

I really want to reply to Alex Knapp, especially since he's already found the time to respond to Rust Belt Philosophy's critique of both me and Knapp, but I've been trying to prep for three exams, and two presentations all occurring in the space of two and a half day, so not so much on my end.I'm still not up to doing a big post on consequentialism, so I thought I'd share a little of my coursework to tide you over.  My epidemiology methods class read a well-known paper from 1999 called "A … [Read more...]

Other Thoughts on Prayer

 The pitch that prayer can change anyone's life, if you give it a try, is hard to rebut.  The obvious objection, as is often the case with religious experiments, is that the definition of success and the length of time required for a valid trial are never time.  But even ignoring that problem, the odds are already stacked in favor of religion.  There's plenty of reason to think that prayer could be beneficial even if God did not exist.If prayer is a way of setting apart a part of th … [Read more...]

Reading and Praying… One of those I can do.

The new school term has started, so I've been going through the list of suggestion posted here and at Mark Shea's blog in response to my offer to let you pick my religion-related New Year's Resolutions.[UPDATE: The full list of suggested books is now up]I've looked through all the suggestions, and, except for a few exceptions, they fall into two categories:  try prayer and read [book].  I'm going to post the list of books I'm looking at (though I'll probably have to cull) by morning, b … [Read more...]