Q&A with Steve Dawson (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of my Q&A with Steve Dawson of the St. Paul Street Evangelization project.  You can read part one here.What are some of the most common questions/responses you get?It's really not the norm that we're getting people with really tough questions. We get apologetic questions, such as "Why do you worship Mary," or all these real Protestant issues. More often, if people are presenting a challenge to us, it's about a moral issue, or some sort of scandal.People bring u … [Read more...]

Q&A with Steve Dawson (Part 1)

A little while ago, I mentioned the St. Paul Street Evangelization project on the blog.  SPSE is trying put a Catholic presence in the public square that opens the door to dialogue.  They're currently doing a fundraiser on IndieGoGo.Since apologetics and arguments are basically catnip to me, I contacted Steve Dawson to ask some questions about the project.  I've divvied the Q&A up into two parts: the first is focused on a big picture view of the project, the second has more to do the sp … [Read more...]

What Atheists and Republican Strategists Have in Common

I recently wrote a post ("The Perils of Decentralized Philosophy") as a response to Friendly Atheist Hermant Mehta's attempt to limit the definition of humanism to exclude the gunman who attacked a school board.  I argued that atheists and humanists were hurt by a lack of community or sense of responsibility for other people who shared their beliefs.  Commenter March Hare took issue with my argument, saying: There is no need for atheists to band together in that way. It's not like when a Jew d … [Read more...]

All the interesting values are univeral values

I was baffled by the New York Times's article on vegan weddings that revealed many vegans opted to serve meat at their wedding receptions.  The article dwelt on the question of whether the vegans and vegitarians ought to serve meat despite their own preferences.  Guests who were not placated with meat tended to be quite upset. When Patrick Moore, a salesman from Attleboro, Mass., arrived at an old friend’s wedding in 1999 to discover nothing but vegetarian options, he made an excuse about leav … [Read more...]

Follow up to yesterday’s evangelism post

There are two useful parallels to evangelism for us to consider. One, proposed by Cranky Curmudgeon in the comments trail is the efforts of environmentalists in the face of global warming. The second is action taken by friends and family of a drug addict to try to get them to enter rehab.Dom and others in the comment trail are right to point out that aggressive, impersonal acts of evangelism are counterproductive. All it takes is a look at the effect that visiting evangelist Jesse Morrell … [Read more...]

“It’d be in me like a fever”

For an explanation of what Weatherwax Wednesdays are all about, read the introduction post.This week's quote is from Carpe Jugulum. In the passage below, Granny is speaking to an Omnian missionary named Oats. (For more about Om, check out the excellent Small Gods). Granny said, "It's no good you trying to make me believe in Om, though... People you can believe in, sometimes, but not gods. And I'll tell you this Mister Oats..."He sighed. "Yes?"She turned to face him, suddenly alive. … [Read more...]