Pardon me, are you using that education?

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In The Guardian, Keli Goff has some harsh words for women in my demographic who become stay at home mothers. In "Female Ivy League graduates have a duty to stay in the workforce" she writes: But in the long run, degrees from competitive institutions should serve as more than modern day charm school or debutante diplomas. Sadly, it appears some women and men see them as such, simply a piece of paper to affirm that a woman is good spouse material for yet another man to use his Harvard Law degree … [Read more...]

What Good is Sitting Alone at Your Desk?


In The Washington Post, Elsa Walsh takes issue with Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In.  Walsh thinks Sandburg's tactics are pretty good instrumentally, but she's a bit sickened by the kind of success Sandberg is using them for: I have to wonder if Sandberg does not realize that she is going to die someday. There is so little life and pleasure in her book outside of work. Even sex is framed as something that men will get more of if they pitch in and help their working wives.Success, particularly the … [Read more...]

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s an Ethical Vernacular!

The response to Squelchtoad's thought experiment has been delayed until tomorrow (I got a little snowed under by Udacity).  I've been doing a number of replies in the comments of that post, and I'll have something more coherent for you tomorrow.  To tide you over, I've got a couple quick thoughts on a defense of superhero movies written by the guy playing Loki in the Avengers.  Quoth he: [S]uperhero films offer a shared, faithless, modern mythology, through which these truths can be explored. In … [Read more...]

Feser’s Typology of Atheism (Part 2)


Today, I'm returning to Edward Feser's typology of atheism.  Monday, I took a look at ways atheists approach religious philosophy, today the focus is on responses to religious practice.  Here's how Feser splits up atheists: A. Religious practice is mostly or entirely contemptible and something we would all be well rid of. The ritual side of religion is just crude and pointless superstition. Religious morality, where it differs from secular morality, is sheer bigotry. Even where certain moral p … [Read more...]

Improve Schisms, Don’t Close Them

Brian Green (a commenter here) runs his own blog at The Moral Minefield.  Recently, he's been talking about social psychology and in-group and out-group dynamics.  He applied his recent post "Internet In-Group, Internet Out-Group, and Virtue Ethics" in the comments of my yesterday post complaining about PZ Myers picking bad fights.After reading over his thoughts, I find that they resonate even more strongly with another recent post: the arguments about dismissing some political candidates s … [Read more...]