RCIA update and more!

I finally heard back from the priests in my parish, and I will not be allowed to attend RCIA classes, even for the inquiry period.  Instead, because there has been increased interest in RCIA from people like me, who want to know more but do not feel a call to convert, the church is setting up three lectures as part of a possibly ongoing series.  The lectures are supposed to provide information about Catholicism both to Catholics and non-Catholics.I'm a bit disappointed, especially because it … [Read more...]

RCIA update and a question for readers

While I'm gearing up for tomorrow's kickoff of the new posting series (the topic is exploring the only religion I've ever wished I could join), I've been trying to do a bit of basic blogging housekeeping, and I have some questions for the readers.Some time ago, a Catholic blogger who had stumbled upon this site shared her disappointment with her readers.  She was most put off by my Burden of Proof page, which I've since revamped (though I've buried a post containing the old version at this … [Read more...]