Economizing Not to Save but to Spend *Differently*


Yesterday, I was writing about ways to build mixed-age community in my large apartment building, and, today, the first day of a new month, I pulled out Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator and drew St. Paul of Thebes, believed to be the first Christian hermit.  His life was recorded by St. Jerome (who had his own feast day yesterday).Jerome's life of Paul closes with these words: I may be permitted at the end of this little treatise to ask those who do not know the extent of their possessions, w … [Read more...]

Enemies of the Sacred Heart


I've never encountered Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque before her name came up for me today on Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator.  It looks like she is best known for her devotion to Christ's Sacred Heart (and for pioneering that devotion before it was general Catholic practice).  But, when I looked over her saint's page, I was most struck by this line: Received a revelation from Our Lord in 1675, which included 12 promises to her and to those who practiced a true to devotion to His Sacred Heart, whos … [Read more...]

A Countervailing Saint for My Comfortable Month


This time, when I went to Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator, the man I pulled turned out to be a veritable Jean Valjean.  Here's what happened in the life of Saint Conrad of Piacenza. One day while hunting, Conrad ordered attendants to set fire to some brush in order to flush out the game. A strong wind carried the flames to nearby fields, forests, towns and villages, and Conrad fled in panic. An innocent peasant was imprisoned, tortured into a confession and condemned to death for the fire. R … [Read more...]

Reworking my relationship with John the Baptist


Since I was on holiday in Ireland, I prorogued picking my next Saint for the month until now, and, this time, I drew a familiar face: John the Baptist.I knew this saint from before my conversion (unlike poor Blessed Scammacca who I'd never heard of before drawing him from Jen's generator), and he's already helped me out once.  When I was on College Jeopardy, one of the categories in the first round was "New Testament Places" and I deliberately avoided the column, figuring I knew nothing … [Read more...]

“Love Unconcerned with Being Returned”


So far, when I've used Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator to pick a saint to learn about and from for the month, I've mostly pulled saints I hadn't heard of before, from times and places that are very far from me.  Today, when I visited her randomizer, it spun up a saint I already love very much: Saint Maximilian Kolbe.I think the first time I heard of him was in RCIA (people in the class were supposed to pick out and present lives of various saints at each class), and I had the same kind of … [Read more...]

Hold on Loosely with Blessed Scammacca

Click the image if you're confused by the meme

This month, the saint I drew from Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generatorisn't actually a saint at all yet.  I pulled out Blessed Bernard Scammacca. He turned out not to have a wikipedia page, but, when I went a-googling, I found this in a compendium of lives of Dominican saints: Bernard Scammacca was born of a noble family at Catania in Sicily.  His youth was spent in sinful disorders, but a wound which he received in one of his legs proved the means of his conversion.  [Another history notes the wound … [Read more...]

A Saint to Sow With


This month, the saint I drew from Jen Fulwiler's randomizer was Saint Clare of Montefalco.Since yesterday I linked to the pranks that the Dominicans and Jesuits were playing on each other, I was a little amused to find out that there was a long running squabble about whether St Clare is a saint in the Franciscan or Augustinian tradition.  It appears that, when she was younger, she was a third order Franciscan, but, by the time she discerned her vocation as a nun, she joined an Augustinian … [Read more...]