Does Univeralism Create a World Without Consequences?

A couple weeks ago, PEG replied to my post on objections to universalism with a post of his own titled "Struggling With Apocatastasis."  In my original post, I wasn't affirming universal salvation, but replying to a common attempt to prove it impossible or unjust.  In his reply, PEG raised another objection that I'd like to take a crack at.  (I'm excerpting pretty briefly, so go check the whole thing). I think Leah is looking at human freedom only through the lens of choice... I think there is a … [Read more...]

Universal Salvation without Undue Coercion

Richard Beck has a great post up today explaining how we can believe that, ultimately, everyone will be reconciled to God and join him in Heaven without casting God as the Great Brainwasher in the Sky, merrily crushing our ability to resist.  I'm excerpting the post below, but I recommend reading the whole thing. For a lot of Christians salvation is basically the process of posing an ultimatum to the human will: Choose Christ and live or deny Christ and go to hell. Basically, evangelism is a t … [Read more...]

Fixed is not Unbroken

The post on judgement and culpability has (terrifyingly) crested 300 comments (but I probably deserved that).  I'll be reading through them and making notes tomorrow, but I won't be responding until later in the week, since there's a highly relevant lecture tomorrow night that I'd like to hear first.  And DC area folks may want in.The Dominican House of Studies is holding a series of talks on the Four Last Things for the four Sundays of Advent.  (Advent is an anticipatory season, but, in ad … [Read more...]

Is Judgement Always about Punishment?

Chris Hallquist has uploaded another chapter of his book for comment/questions.  I don't have anything very helpful to say, since I mostly agree with him and Dennett.  "I feel strongly about this, and your questions make me sad" is a really bad approach to an argument about truth claims.  I disagree with some of the stuff about the use of mockery , but that's more a content disagreement than a "I think religious readers will misunderstand X as currently outlined."  (Plus I've written on this befo … [Read more...]

A Hell of a Review

I received a review copy of Tripp York's book (The Devil Wears Nada) free of charge, but I made no agreements about the substance of the review with him or anyone else.The Devil Wears Nada turned out to be a little out of my wheelhouse, since Tripp York is mainly addressing evangelical protestant conceptions of Satan, but I found it to be a mostly enjoyable read. Atheists or anyone else trying to pick fights over this aspect of theology will find this to be a useful rundown of the arguments a … [Read more...]

Heaven Can Wait (in your debate arsenal)

Greta Christina and a different Christina at Freethought Blogs both recently came to the conclusion that the Christine doctrine of Heaven is coercive.  It's so dangerous that Greta Christina called it "almost as evil a doctrine as Hell."  Here's their reasoning: The promise of Heaven is the biggest reward of all. The promise of Heaven is infinite. It is the promise that you will get to live forever, and will never have to die. It is the promise that you will get to live forever in perfect e … [Read more...]

More on the Damnably Foolish Virgins

UPDATE: there are Harry Potter spoilers in the comments section.  If this is a problem for you, don't read my reply to Christian H or anything that follows.Thanks a lot to everyone who weighed in with exegesis of the parable of the ten virgins.  More perpectives and references are quite welcome.  Several people said it was impossible (physically and metaphorically) for the wise virgins to save the foolhardy ones; no mortal can fully redeem another person.  A number of people took this as a ju … [Read more...]