Read Like Me, Pray (Badly) Like Peter

tot roof talk 1

Turing test results continue tomorrow, and, in the meantime, I've got links if you want to read like me or screw up like Peter.Ethika Politika has a summer reading recommendations feature running, and I've contributed the five books I'd recommend from my reading so far this year.  Includes theology, data visualization, autopsies and this: Helen MacDonald. H is for Hawk. Training a goshawk is the strangest approach to grief I’ve ever encountered. I kept reading excerpts from this memoir to my … [Read more...]

Help Pick Questions for my Ideological Turing Test Talk

From my Effective Altruism talk at Yale

I've got two speaking engagements coming up this week, and I could use your crowdsourced  help for one of them.  How to Have Better Fights About Religion Wednesday, March 18, 7p Shotel Dubin Auditorium, Penn Hillel 215 S. 39th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104    A Night of Intra-Christian Dialogue Thursday, March 19, 7:30p George Mason School of Law 3301 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22201  At the Intra-Christian Dialogue event, I'll be part of an ecumenical … [Read more...]

Love Applied to Charity and Fighting in New Haven

(Ragesoss / Wikimedia Commons)

I'm making speaking appearances in New Haven today and tomorrow, so here's a heads up for students in the area.  Effective Altruism and Caritas Yale Effective AltruistsMonday, Feb 16, 5pmJE Dining HallWhen looking for high-impact opportunities to give, how should we weight the effect that different ways of giving have on the giver?  If you get the most bang for your charity buck abroad, how will you stay engaged with the needs of the people around you and avoid becoming de … [Read more...]

I’m speaking on “Openness to Truth” in San Fran, Feb 2nd

(St. Dominic's Church by David Yu)

I'm pleased to announce that, on Monday, February 2nd at 7:30pm, I'll be speaking at the very beautiful St. Dominic's Church in San Francisco.I'll be tackling the topic "Cultivating Openness to Truth" and discussing ways to make it easier for an opponent (or you!) to have the chance to notice that s/he is in error.  (And I'll be giving some examples from my own life and conversion story).The talk plus Q&A (heavy on the latter) will take place in St. Dominic's Parish Hall (2390 Bush S … [Read more...]

Discussing Continuing Conversion & Prayer with Mark Shea


Last week I joined Mark Shea on his radio show to chat about my conversion, and my forthcoming book on prayer, including what I described as "probably a non-heretical approach to lectio divina," which was originally inspired by the advice my vocal teacher gave me when I kept messing up Sondheim's "Good Thing Going."  She'd tell me, "You're singing the note you want to sing, and Sondheim's going to give it to  you, but not yet."You can hear us talk about how I adapted that advice to scripture … [Read more...]

I’m Speaking in Maryland (and possibly Austin, Memphis, and New Orleans)

pax cath

On October 15th, I'll be heading out to Maryland to speak at a Theology on Tap in St. Mary's County.  Pax Catholic has been running a series of talks on conversion, and I'll be chiming in with a talk titled: "Backed into Belief: A Journey from Atheism to Catholicism."The full logistical details are available at the facebook event page at the link.  If you're in the area, I'd love to see you there!It also so happens that, as part of my current job, I'll be travelling a couple times t … [Read more...]

Interview with Atheist Ireland, Talk at The Irish Catholic tonight

dublin talk

Tonight, I'll be out in Donnybrook to give a talk, hosted by The Irish Catholic on "Having Better Fights about Religion."  If you don't have time to make it to Dublin, it looks like the talk is going to be livestreamed through iCatholic (7pm in Dublin), and I'll post a link to the video (presuming it exists) after the fact.Earlier this week, I also sat down with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland for a casual chat (which turned out to run about an hour and a half).  I've embedded the videos of … [Read more...]